Yankee Trader

Buy low and sell high, or trade for something better. If you can’t find what you want at a price you’re willing to pay, improvise. If something is being given away, take it. As a product of the rugged landscape of Maine and the lean years of the Depression, Warren grew up with old-fashioned Yankee frugality in his blood.  It never left him. He was known for–-and proud of---his economy and thriftiness. It is likely that he saw in himself the same admirable traits of industry, self-reliance, skill, and problem-solving that for him characterized the Hoosier pioneers of the pre-industrial era.

"In stories about himself, his background, and his approach to life he emphasized the Anglo-centric attitudes of New England out-migrants. His home was built on the plans of a Strawberry Banke building, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, his bargaining and parsimonious approach to life, included telling me how thrifty riding his bicycle to the office was—never mind the important health effects—or, when with obvious delight he reported that he had used pennies to secure his screens on the windows of his house, because copper or iron washers cost several cents each, in so many ways modeling the shrewd Yankee trader."

Joanne Stuttgen