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Attain In-depth Knowledge of Western Europe

The Master of Arts in West European Studies is a highly individualized degree. Students entering the program have the flexibility to tailor their course of study to their individual interests. WEST MA graduates are well prepared to pursue a variety of career paths in governmental, non-profit, and private sector work. For many other students, the MA degree represents a step toward doctoral studies.

Our degree requirements are highly flexible while providing students with a multidisciplinary understanding of Europe and its role in the world.

Course Requirements (New for Fall 2012)

Category I: Core Courses (12 credit hours, minimum)

  • Research Seminar in West European Studies (3cr)
  • One approved graduate course in European Studies from the following disciplines:
    • History (3-4 cr)
    • Political Science or European Union Studies (3cr)
    • Europe in the World (3cr)
Master of Arts Brochure - Click to Download

Category II: Elective Courses (15 credit hours, minimum)

  • Literature/Culture course tied to the student’s language of study
  • Graduate elective course in the humanities
  • Graduate elective course  in the social sciences
  • 5-6 credit hours in approved graduate elective coursework

Category III: MA Thesis (3 credit hours, required)

  • Students will work with a faculty committee to prepare a 50-75 page research paper

Category IV: Language Requirement

  • Proficiency of at least intermediate-mid to intermediate-high in one approved West European language appropriate to the student’s program of study

The Master's Thesis

After the second semester of coursework, students should establish a thesis committee of 3 faculty members appropriate to the student's interests, who will oversee the Master's thesis.  West European Studies adheres to thesis format and printing requirements set by the University Graduate School.  Master's theses should be no more than 100 pages long, typically ranging from 50 to 75 pages in length.  The WEST Graduate Student Guide includes a helpful reference on specific questions regarding the thesis. A list of WEST MA Thesis topics are available at the bottom of this page.

Thesis Forms & Resources
Nomination of Committee for the MA Thesis Form
Graduate School thesis formatting guidelines
WEST Graduate Student Guide - includes several pages on thesis requirements

Time Requirements

In principle, a full-time student can complete the Master's degree requirements in 1.5 years. It is possible to complete the degree in 12 months, if the student does not need to take additional coursework to establish intermediate mid/intermediate high proficiency in one West European language. Part-time students may take longer. University policy requires that all Master's degree requirements be completed within five consecutive years of matriculation.


WEST Graduate Student Guide
Graduate Bulletin
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MA Advising Form
Nomination of Committee for the MA Thesis Form
Language Proficiency Requirement Form
Independent Readings Approval Form

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Past Thesis Topics

Click on a field in the first row to sort by title, first name, last name, degree, or date.

TitleFirst NameLast Name DegreeDate
Ireland and the Defense of Western Europe: Issues and ImplicationsDennisAndersonMA1988
Arms Procurement Cooperation and a European DefenseRobertAntisMA1980
British Defense Policy: A New Approach? Changing Journalistic Roles in France and BritainWilliamApplegateMA1988
La Peste: The Far Right in Twentieth Century FranceKirstinAultMA1993
From Occupation to Postwar Government in Austria: Foundation for Political UnityJoeAustinMA1982
Nato Expansion and Romanian Security InterestsChristopherBanyaMA1986
Redeploying NATO: The Search for a European Defense PillarRayBarrclayMA1991
End to Nuclear Power, or a Renewed [Half-]Life? Comparing German and Swedish Nuclear Energy Policy Reform, AnAlisonBehlingMA2009
Foreign Worker Policies: Interest Group and Bureaucratic Interaction in Germany and the United StatesJohnBendixPhD1987
Divided They Stand: Managing DiversityMarkBertoliniMA1998
Teacher Unions in the Federal Republic of Germany and in England and WalesKathleenBettermanMA1988
France and the Persian Gulf CrisisGregoryBilhartzMA 1994
Denmark and NATO: A Consistency of ContradictionsGregoryBlanksMA1989
Application of the Czech Republic to the European Union, TheMarkBorgesonMA1999
NATO Policy and Military Doctrine: A German ViewGeorgeBorghMA1989
Bicycle in French Art and Society, TheKonradBouffardMA1996
The Silent Struggle: The Persecution of Homosexuals in Nazi GermanyJenniferBowenMA2001
The Franco Hatian Wine WarJanetBradyMA1975
Dutch New Left: Provos and Kabouters, TheMariaBraynMA1973
Nordic Defense in the Post Cold War EraMichaelBrettmannMA1955
The Twenty First Century Struggle for National Identity in the United KingdomJuliaBroadwayMA2011
Determining the Success of the Greens: A comparison of Success in the Case Studies of Three Western European Greens MovementsDanielBryantMA1991
Contraception and Population Policy in France since 1945JaneButlerMA1971
Cold War Conflict: American Intervention in GreecePaulCalbosMA1993
The Bologna Process: Trends from 1998-2009MatthewCarltonMA2009
Dynamic of Institutional Reform in Contemporary Italian Politics, TheGeneCatenMA1992
Standing at a Crossroads: The Western European Defense IndustryRobertCheatham, Sr.MA1994
Dutch National Security Policy and Defense Restructuring since the Cold WarRichardCiebhMA1997
The Impact of Mass Tourism on the Economic and Political Structures of SpainAmandaCoffieldMA1996
German Women in the Five ne Lander: Employment and EntrepreneurshipMaellaCohmanMA1992
Economic and Monetary Integration in the European Union: At What Cost?StephenCoonenMA1995
Cassa per Il Mezzogiorno and the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union: A Comparative Analysis, TheAmberCoulterMA2002
Corporatist and Social Policy: The Development of the Modern Dutch Welfare StateRobertCoxPhD1989
Corporatist Patterns in the Welfare State: The Development of Public Retirement Pensions in the NetherlandsRobertCoxMA1988
Consumer Behavior and International Advertising as Related to Cultural Values: The Cases of the United Kingdom and HungaryVassiliosDalakasMA1994
The Strategic Defense Initiative: Issues and Implications for the western AllianceCharlesDavidsonMA1988
The Lega Nord: An Analysis of the Group's Political and Social SuccessSuzanneDeMassMA1993
General Maurice Gamelin: Scapegoat or Guilty for the Fall of France? The Politics of Counterterrorism in Western EuropeWilliamDerrickMA1994
West German Westpolitik and Political Integration in Western Europe in the 1970'sVictorDi GeronimoMA1982
Challenges of Environmental Sustainability in Transport Policies: The European ModelSuzannaDicersonMA1995
The Stability and Growth Pact and Germany's Domestic Politics vis a vis Rational Choice and ConstructivismKerstinDichtMA2006
European Integration and the Corporatist Influence of French and German Christian Democratic Parties in the Postwar PeriodPeterDillonMA1991
Effects of the Structural Funds on Nationalist Movements in the European Union, TheGeraldDorrah, Jr. MA1997
The Role of the British Civil Service in a Constitutional Context: Two Case StudiesAlanEckersleyMA1994
Challenges of European Security: Redrawing the Line?JefferyFearingMA1994
The Status of French Women from the 18th Century to the Present: A comparison with Women in Selected CountriesSusanFeinbergMA1975
Cobra: A Post-World War II Art MovementMaryyFinch-VandivierMA1987
Special Codetermination in West Germany 1947-1969EdwardFisherMA1970
Growth and Change under Centralized Plans: The German Democratic Republic 1951-1980M.FochtmanMA1987
The Grande Coquette in French Theatre, 1885-1925RebeccaFreePhD1998
Whistling in the Dark: Memory, culture and Politics in Wartime LondonJeanFreemanMA1995
National Adaptation Transformation In Greece and Turkey: From Acquiescence to Preservation 1947-1981AllenFuelingMA1989
Pioneers of Modern Design in Europe: Gropius and Le Corbusier in the 1920'sKimFulstonMA1983
East Prussian and Sudeten German Expellees in West Germany, 1945-1960: A Comparison of Their Social and Cultural IntegrationKarenGatzMA1989
Image and Constraint: Factors Affecting Foreign News Selection in Regional Newspapers in France, Britain and the United StatesPhilipGauntPhD1989
French Innovation: a Cultural PerspectiveLoriGesslingMA1986
The Realization of Requests in Dutch by Native Speakers and LearnersMeganGoffMA2010
Nato's Burden Sharing Disparity in the Contemporary Environment: An Institutional ApproachJasonGonzalesMA2010
Changing Journalistic Roles in France and BritainPhilipGrantMA1988
Dictatorship to Democracy: Lessons from Portugal's Foreign Policy TransitionMichaelGreenMA2000
The Western European Union: Another OpportunityThomasHansingerMA1988
NATO Expansion and NorwayJohanHaraldsenMA 
The Relationship Between German MNC's and the German Home Country Business EricHartmannMA1997
Great Britain's Uncodified Constitution: Threatening or Threatened?S.HayseMA1990
Grenoble: A Developing Regional CenterSusanHersbergerMA1974
Common Tourism Policy for the European Union, AThomasHoffmanMA1995
Creative Extensions: Americans in Paris and BerlinCarolineHoggeMA1990
French Industrial Policy The Cultural Context and its EffectsCarlHorrellMA1993
Post-Cold War Europe: The Loss of Stability and the Emergence of the Extreme RightEddieHowardMA1995
Comparison Between Vichy French Chantiers de La Jeunesse and the Nazi Reichsarbeitsdienst, ASamuelHustonMA1984
Select Committee Reforms in the British House of Commons: Rethinking the Role of Backbench MPSMichaelJogestPhD1989
History of West European Rocketry and Space Research, ALeeJordeMA1988
The German Basic Law and the Federal Constitutional Court: An Impact AnalysisThomasKallmanMA1995
Social Movement Marginalization in the Democratic Transition: The Case of the East German Women's MovementLynnKamenitsaMA1993
Economic Change and Regional Voting in SpainSeanKeeferMA2003
Information Policy in the EU: Towards a More Open UnionElizabethKnoerleMA2000
Analysis of New Debt Issues and the cost of New Debt Capital in Three European Capital Markets, AnPaulKorsvoldPhD1969
The Modern Dimensions of Hellenism: Transcending National SovereigntyAngelosKostopaulosMA1989
Legitimizing British FacismNicoleLaLondeMA2010
Bonn or Berlin: The 1991 German Capital DebateTimothyLangPhD1993
Drawing Near to God: The Bible and Hegel's Phenomenology of SpiritRobertLarsonMA2011
The Jews in France Under Vichy and the Nazi OccupationArnoldLewisMA1970
Belgian Communal Policy in Coalition GovernmentTimothyLibbyMA1991
War of Words: The Deterioration of French-American Bilateral Relations Preceding the Invasion of IraqToddLintonMA2006
The Endurance of Integration in the German EuropapolitikJohnLipoldMA1992
Crisis of European Community Institutions: France and the Common Agricultural Policy 1965-1966, TheJudyLippmanMA1975
West German Rearmament: From Enemy to Ally in Ten Short YearsTerryLockermanMA1988
The South Tirol Problem Since 1945: The Intersection of International and Domestic PoliticsJackieLovellMA1985
West German Cultural DiplomacyGregoryLynchMA1978
The Significance of Reconciliation and European Union Enlargement Policy on Croatia's Accession ReportRyanMainhardtMA2006
1993 Citizenship and immigration Policy Reforms in France: Implications and Repercussions, TheRachelMartinMA1997
Basque and Catalan Nationalism: A ComparisonFrankMastrovitoMA1993
The Mafia in ItalyEricMetzgerMA1996
Historical Perspective of the Consolidation of Economic Power in Flanders, AnLauraMeyerMA1987
Economic Aspects of European Community Environmental PolicyAlexanderMilosavljevicMA1991
German FDI: An EU Bias? RogerMonsonMA2011
Council of Europe and Human Rights, TheKevinMooreMA1992
Soccer's Role in a Changing EuropeMishaMukherjeeMA2006
Pedro Almodovar and Post-Franco SpainAnnNoeyenbosMA1991
Politization in the French Army: 13 May 1958DennisOlsonMA1992
French Economic Planning: A Force for Economic DevelopmentWilliamO'PeaMA1975
West Germany: A Leadership Role in the European Economic CommunityGregoryOwenMA1973
The Post Golden Age of European Economic Growth in Western EuropePaulPassMA2009
Germany's Chosen Path: Domestic Security Institutions in the Berlin Republic 1990-1997CourtneyPaulMA1997
Skyteam A Strategic AllianceLeonPenningtonMA2000
L'Affaire Du Foulard: Religion, Republicanism, and Identity in FranceDamianPeoplesMA2005
Liminal Moment: The Withdrawal of the Four Military Powers from Berlin, AHowardPerezMA1997
The European Economic Community and Africa: An Analysis of the Lomé Convention of 1975: Economic Benefits or a Diplomatic coup?JudithPeteMA1978
Army of the European UnionDanielPetersonMA2001
Domestic Internal Security and Democracy: The British Army in Northern Ireland from 1969-1974EricPetersonMA1997
European Union Policy Evaluation: A Comparative AnalysisKallanPichaMA2012
The Nonconformist Influence in Welsh NationalismRuthPittsMA1981
France and Portugal in the Spanish civil War- domestic and International PoliciesJamiePlummerMA1988
Economics of International Educational Exchange: A Comparison of Government Funding in Germany, France and the United States, TheLauraPoltsMA1998
Soldiers of Destiny: The Fianna Fail Party, the Irish Republican Army and a United IrelandJohnPrusiecki, Jr. MA1990
The Multi-national state: Scottish and Welsh Representation in the British Civil ServiceJohnPulliam, Jr.MA1990
Managing the Revolution: Revolutionary Promise and Political Reality in Rural PortugalRobertReedPhD1989
The Libyan Crisis of 1986 in US-West German RelationsHenryReeterMA1989
From the Pontos to Rochester: A Pontian Odyssey JenniferReillyMA2003
The European Transportation System: Adoption of a Market Oriented ApproachGraigReistadMA1994
Education and Social Patterns in Modern Europe: Germany, France and England Since 1800: Historical and Statistical ApproachesFritzRingerMA1970
The European Union After the Cold War: Towards Common Foreign and Security PolicyRobertRizzoMA1997
British Politics and the European Parliament: 1973-1989GregoryRobinsonMA1989
European Union: What Has Membership Done for Portugal's Economy?AngieRodriguez-TorresMA2004
I Think I Should Like to Die Here" Proust, Mann and James in VeniceSonjaRotherMA2012
The Population of the Rhine River: A transnational ProblemKatherineRusselMA1990
European Union Competition Policy at a CrossroadAndrewSatchwellMA2008
Alain Robbe-Grillet and Daniel Cohn-Bendit view Contemporary Western SocietySandraSauvainMA1992
Germany's Response to Political Violence after ReunificationThomasSchaidhammerMA1993
Effects of the Preliminary Rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Communities on European Law and Integration, ThePamelaSchefflerMA1986
The Politics of Economic Stabilization: A comparative Investigation into Fiscal Policy FormationDavidSchmidtMA1978
Effects of Culture on the Soldiers of the Western Front, TheT.SchulzeMA1994
Georg Buchner, Samuel Beckett and the Theatre of the AbsurdHenrySchveyMA1972
Doctrines of Defeat, La Guerre Revolutionnaire and counterinsurgency WarfareFrederickSchwarzMA1992
European Union and Pharmaceutical Competitiveness: A Public-Private Partnership of Self-InterestPeterShelbyMA2003
Selling the Modern: The New Consumerism in Weimar GermanyGeraldSheryaykoPhD1996
The European Communities Evolving Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Middle East RelationsCharlotteSimonsMA1983
Collection Development in Public and University Libraries of the German Democratic Republic before and after the WendeKathleenSmithMA1999
Je Maintiendrai: The Royal Netherlands Army within the AllianceVernonSorrellMA1989
Spanish Defense Policy Under the Socialist Government 1982-1990UlisesSotoMA1990
West Berlin's Identity in Post-War West Germany EricStaabMA1991
Willy Brandt and the SPD, 1974-1985: From Chancellor to Party ChairmanAndrewStaabMA1985
The Treaty of Dunkirk, Treaty of Brussels and NATO: A View From the Special RelationshipKyleSteekMA1993
Georges Bataille in the Paris Avant-Garde, 1920-1940A.SteinPhD1993
Berlin/Berlin: The Wall in the Expressive Culture of a Divided CityMarySteinPhD1993
Burden Sharing in the NATO allianceRalphSteinkeMA1989
Window on the First New Left: Dwight Macdonald's Politics Magazine, 1944-1949GregorySumnerPhD1992
British Civil Recruitment Practices and the Conduct and Performance of Higher Civil ServantsDennisTerrellMA1974
Examination of West European Science Politics, AnEudoraTharpMA1975
Atlantic Alliance: Forging a New Security Architecture in Response to the Apparent End of a Bipolar Europe, ThePhilipThielerMA1995
Press and Politics in France: French Legislation of 1944, 1983, and 1986 Affecting Ownership of NewspapersLindaThomasMA1987
The Structural Problems of the Atlantic Alliance: The Future of NATO West Berlin's Identity in Post-War West GermanyDavidThomsonMA1991
British Army of the Rhine: Why it was Committed to West European Defense, TheTimothyTimmonsMA1990
The Netherlands: The Reemergence of The EntrepreneurVincentTorresMA2002
The Impact of the Franco-German Relationship on the Security of Western Europe: Post WWII to PresentMichaelTravisMA1990
Keeping Small Business in BusinessRexTrewinMA1993
Higher Education Reform in France: Breaking the Circle of ObstinancyTiaTruebloodMA2009
Germany and the Treaty on European Union: Convergence to Economic and Monetary Union in the Decade of 1988-1998RalphVargasMA1998
Pure Reflection: Self-knowledge and Moral Understanding in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul SartreChristopherVaughanPhD1987
Changes in the Party System of Unified GermanyBrianVertubaMA1995
French Nuclear Testing: Folly or Foresight?MimaWattsMA2000
The Troika and Sudan: Improving Western Performance in Multi-Player Peace NegotiationsMarkWeinbergMA2006
Bonds of Communion as sources of Power: Women Writers and Resistance in France and Germany, 1939-45L.WesterfieldPhD1989
Austria: A policy of Neutrality and the 21st CenturyThomasWilsonMA1997
The New Economy in Europe and its Implications for the Social Welfare StateCharlesWilsonMA1995
The Netherlands and European Integration: Does the Lion Grow Weary? Nordic Defense in the Post Cold War EraCharlesWilsonMA1995
The Integration of the Nationale Volksarmee into the BundeswehrStevenWinkieMA1991
Development of French Nuclear Forces, TheMartinWisdaMA1987
Challenges of Incorporating the Visegard Countries into the European Union, TheJudithWiserMA1994
Family Policy in SwedenSusannaWolfMA1994
Germany and the Expansion of the European UnionMichaelWrightMA1999
The French Presidency and "La Cohabitation"KristieWrightMA1987
European Security After the Cold War: New Roles for Europe's Small StatesMarkYakichMA1995
Italian Migration in the European Economic CommunityTheresaYinMA1971


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