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Minor in European Studies

Options and requirements
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Requirements for minor in European Studies

(For students matriculating during or after Summer 2012)

The minor requires 15 credit hours of core coursework in the College of Arts & Sciences, including two foundation courses, a distribution of area studies coursework (A&H and S&H) with an identified regional focus, completion of an approved capstone course, and six semesters or equivalent of an approved European language. Students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours of upper-level (300/400) coursework and maintain a GPA of at least 2.000 in fulfillment of all courses taken toward minor requirements.

Required Courses
Students must complete the following:

  • Two Foundation Courses (6 credits):   Two required foundation courses selected from a set of four options in Political Science, Geography, and History.  The foundation courses were selected due to the breadth of treatment of the region and are regularly offered.
    • WEUR W301/POLS Y335 West European Politics
    • WEUR W405/POLS Y350 Politics of the European Union
    • WEUR W405/ GEOG G428 Geography of Europe
    • WEURW405/ HIST B303 Issues in Modern European History
  • Regional Focus (6 credits):  Two courses with a regional focus on the same subregion of Europe.  One must be an approved S&H course and the other must be an approved A&H course. The regional focus should be consistent with the language chosen to meet the language requirement.  There is a wide range of W405 and W406 courses each semester for students to choose from to develop their regional focus.
  • Capstone course (3 credits): Required capstone course, WEUR-W 475.  The capstone course will be offered each year and required for all European Studies minors.
  • Language Requirement: Six semesters or equivalent in an approved European language.  Language training courses do not count toward the 15 credit hour requirements for the minor.

To declare a minor in European Studies or European Union Studies, please call (812) 855-4538 or email to set up an appointment with our academic advisor.


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