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WEST sponsors programs to insure a better understanding of West Europe.

West European Studies sponsors several conferences and workshops, year round. Each summer, the department brings together k-12 teachers from around the country who specialize in foreign studies and language education. These teacher workshops provide educators with ideas, lesson plans, and training to raise the scholastic bar nationwide. During the fall and spring, WEST, in conjunction with other Indiana University departments, organizes conferences to collect and present new and exciting research in the West European field.

Muslims in the U.S. & Europe: Islamophobia, integration, attitudes, and rights | SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

European Responses to the Economic Crisis: Lessons for the US | April 8, 2011

ACTFL Oral Proficiency interview assessment workshop | December 1-4, 2010

third biennial workshop on modern greek language teaching | November 12-13, 2010

Minority Languages in Europe: Successes and Challenges| October 7-9, 2010


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