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OPI Assessment

Dec 1: 8-5pm (CAHI House)
Dec 2: 8:30-5pm (VonLee 200)
Dec 3: 8:30-5pm (VonLee 200)
Dec 4: 8:30-5pm (Ballantine 204)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for participation in the workshop? The cost for bringing in the trainer for the 4 day workshop will be paid by WEST (approx. $5500). See below for cost for certification.

What other costs are associated with initial certification? The cost of certification after attending the workshop is $300 paid to ACTFL for reviewing your submitted practice tests & conducting your OPI. WEST cannot cover this expense since the funds we are using to host this workshop expire at the end of the calendar year.

What is the process for initial certification? OPI certification process takes approximately 3-6 months after attending the OPI workshop. The steps are outlined below.

  1. Take ACTFL OPI test and score Superior (or Advanced Mid for limited certification)
  2. Listen & rate 15-20 OPIs on the ACTFL training website
  3. Record & submit 6 practice OPIs

How long would my certification be good for? The certification is good for 4 years
What is the process and cost for recertification?  Recertification requires attendance at a free refresher workshop at the end of your 4 year certification. The cost is $200 paid to ACTFL to review submitted practice test materials; and travel expense to attend the workshop.

What are the times for each day of the workshop? Day 1:8:00-5:00pm; Day 2-4: 8:30-5:00pm

What are the locations of the workshop? Dec 1 - CAHI House (1211 E. Atwater Ave),
Dec 2 &3- Von Lee 200 (513 E. Kirkwood Ave), Dec 4 - Ballantine Hall 204
(1020 E. Kirkwood)

I have participated in the ACTFL OPI workshop/certified in the past, do I have to attend the full four days of training? Yes. The OPI workshop has significantly changed over the years. ACTFL policy requires participation within one year of completing the certification process.

Who is eligible to attend? Priority will be given to permanent instructors of West European languages at IUB who intend to seek certification and attend the full 4 days of training. Specifically, instructors of Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Yiddish. If space allows, instructors of other languages are invited with support from the instructor’s home department.

I am an instructor of a LCTL and have a small number of students in my class, is it appropriate for me to conduct an OPI for my own students? Yes, certified instructors may give their own students an OPI. To ensure reliability, the test is second rated by another certified tester identified by ACTFL.

What will be covered each day of the workshop? Click here to download the schedule for each day


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