Faculty Advisors

Our organization works closely with the faculty of Kelley. Women in Business is advised by an outstanding faculty members, Dr. Carolyn Goerner and Cindy Stone.

Dr. Carolyn Goerner teaches a variety of classes at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including management consulting, management skills, organizational behavior, and negotiation. Carolyn has received a variety of teaching awards, including the 2002 "Student Choice" award from the IU Student Body.

Dr. Cindy Stone is a Senior Lecturer in Kelley and former IU Trustee. She teaches undergraduate classes in computer skills and is also charged with training all new K201 faculty. Her areas of expertise include Information Systems, Computer Interaction, Performance Technologies, Online Coursework, Instructional Media, E-learning, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Implementation, Electronic Commerce and Strategic Analysis. She has received a variety of faculty & staff awards over her IU career..