Why should I join WIB?

WIB members share similar goals, values, and visions yet have unique personal backgrounds and experiences. The club offers exclusive networking opportunities and resources. Members discover much value and personal satisfaction in the relationships they form and achievements they make through WIB each semester. New member motivation tends to vary based on each individual's stage of education and job search, however some of the best benefits of joining WIB include:

1. Gaining a Campus Connection:
Joining an organization is one of the best ways to get to know students with similar personalities, goals, and ambitions. Many WIB members become close friends and find much academic and social support from our strong network of peers. Our organization also helps members to fully utilize campus and Kelley resources, as well as to become a better student leader.

2. Developing Professional Skills
WIB involvement allows students to gain a competitive advantage in professional networking and career development. The organization seeks to help members develop skills that are most highly sought after by today's top companies. Together, members work to gain communication skills, analytical abilities, technical literacy, multitasking talent, interpersonal abilities, leadership/management skills, multicultural sensitivity/awareness, problem-solving skills and teamwork experiences.

3. Achieving Personal Growth
Above all, WIB is an organization that seeks to help members become confident and capable business leaders. To do so, members must learn to be in touch with their personal and professional values. Members share business values such as honesty, a strong work ethic, dependability, loyalty, a positive attitude, professionalism, self-confidence, self-motivation and willingness to learn. Joining WIB is an excellent way to embrace, enhance, and showcase your professional values.