WIT – An irreplaceable piece of the MSIS jigsaw puzzle!

When we landed in Bloomington a month back, we were a bunch of lost 20-something year olds who were in awe of everything they saw and everyone they met. We felt like outsiders, and longed to establish some kind of a connection with the other IU students. Life chose to lend an ear to our pleas and threw the answer right in our laps – or rather, in our e-mail boxes! – The WIT potluck dinner event. Held on August 7th, 2010, it was the perfect opportunity for us to spend some valuable and much-needed time with the existing MSIS students. The incentive used to lure us – food, of course! Bereft of food and living out of suitcases, the fall 2010 MSIS program entrants were only too ready to accept WIT’s gracious invitation to be a part of the potluck dinner that weekend.                                         

The MSIS master chefs had whipped up a delectable dish each that we had a tough time keeping our hands off. We also got to meet domestic students, and extremely helpful and courteous ones, at that! It truly was a fantastic day, and a great start to kick-off the ‘social’ aspect of the MSIS experience.

The WIT logo design event, held next, had a number of MSIS students (of both sexes!) designing appropriate logos to represent WIT and the areas it encompasses. The occasion functioned as the key which unlocked the doors of creativity inside us. There were some truly innovative designs submitted by WIT members that are currently under evaluation.

WIT functions as the perfect foil to the typical MSIS student’s portfolio. There are a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored, and it is completely up to each MSIS student to take advantage of these. WIT functions as a great networking platform to build both professional and personal connections. But that doesn’t cover even a quarter of its activity domain. Its spotlight is focused on three key areas – professional and personal development, and community service. These give us chances to polish ourselves as business professionals, grow as individuals in our own right and enrich the lives of our community members by engaging in non-profit work that is simultaneously rewarding and informative.

Post the logo design event, a conversation with WIT members helped us gain a clear picture of the sheer volume and diversity of WIT activities and events to be held over the course of this fall. The rest was history – WIT succeeded in almost doubling the population of members within two weeks. With the launch of this website and the WIT logo on the verge of being finalized, we are off to a great start this semester. Next on the agenda – the tour and potluck picnic at the Oliver Winery, Bloomington. We just can’t wait for September 12th!

-          Hamsa Mukund