About Us

The objective of Women in Technology is to create awareness of issues surrounding women within the IT industry.

WIT creates awareness through three different focus areas within the organization.

WIT provides you with a chance to get involved in the organization and provides you with leadership opportunities. It’s a great way to make an impact and shape the direction of the organization.

When the general public thinks about technology professionals, they often think of intelligent but socially awkward guys in glasses typing code. This is not the face of technology today.

Technology professionals have entered the mainstream business world becoming partners with businesses IT supports. We can be distinguished from business professionals, not because of a lack of social or business skills, for we posses these same skills. No, we stand as business professionals who understand and have a passion for technology.

Women are increasingly seeking meaningful careers within technology and we are making great impact the field. Our organization, Women in Technology, is aimed at providing an arena where women explore common topics of interest and work to build strong bonds between members while serving our community.

In the interest of spotlighting an amazing woman in IT, we would like to share with you a woman in technology whom we admire greatly.

Rear Admiral Grace Muarry Hopper (December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992).

There is much to say about Grace Hopper and I will barely scratch the surface of what she has accomplished in her life.

Grace Hopper studied physics and mathematics receiving a Bachelor’s from Vassar. Later she received a Master’s and Ph.D from Yale. Though a professor at Vassar, Hopper joined the Navy during WWII. Grace was assigned to be a programmer on Mark I and later Mark II. While working on Mark II, she coined the terms which every technology professional would later know, “bug” and “debugging.”

After leaving active duty with the Navy, Grace developed the first complier. She made major advancements in compliers and later her versions became the basis upon which many programming languages would be built. In fact, Grace worked to develop one of the first programming languages, COBOL.

Grace made great advances in the world of IT and women. She can be used as an example that women have and can continue to make amazing contributions within business and technology. We should all aim to be like Grace, living her motto of “Dare and do.”

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