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University of Utah
WITS 2009 Final Program

PDF version of the program is available here. To download the PDF version of the complete proceedings, click here (large file: 9M) Note that you can also download the PDF version of the individual sessions; see links below.

Note: There will be no hard copy of proceedings that would be made available at the workshop in Phoenix. If you would like a hard copy of the proceedings, please use the links to the proceedings that are available on this page.

 December 14, 2009

Time Event
7:15-8:00a Continental Breakfast and Registration (Sonoran G)

Session 1


Session 1 A: Personalized Recommendation
Sonoran H (Session Chair: Vijay K. Vaishnavi)

  • Zan Huang. Bipartite Graph Sampling Methods for Sampling Recommendation Data
  • Pelin Atahan, Monica Johar, and Sumit Sarkar. Optimizing Offer Sets Based on User Profiles
  • Abhijeet Ghoshal, Syam Menon, and Sumit Sarkar. Recommendations Using Information from Multiple Association Rules

Session 1 B: Conceptual Modeling Methodologies 
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Padmal K. Vitharana)

  • Steven Alter, Narasimha Bolloju, and Douglas Vogel. Linking Work System Analysis and Technical Analysis using a Conceptual Model Underlying the Work System Framework
  • Sase Singh, Fei Sun, and Carson Woo. Designing UML Diagrams Using Goal-based Concepts
  • Simon K. Milton, Jayantha Rajapakse, and Ron Weber.  Ontological Clarity and Conceptual Model Validation: An Experimental Evaluation
    (*** Nominated for best paper award)

Session 2


Session 2 A: Health Care
Sonoran H (Session Chair: Roger Chiang)

  • Ahmed Abbasi, Siddharth Kaza, and Fatemeh “Mariam” Zahedi.  Evaluating Link-Based Techniques for Detecting Fake Pharmacy Websites
  • Wen Yao, Chao-Hsien Chu, Akhil Kumar, and Zang Li.  Using Ontology to Support Context Awareness in Healthcare
  • Erik Giesen, Wolfgang Ketter, and Rob Zuidwijk.   An Agent-Based Analysis Approach to Resource Allocation in the Dutch Youth Health Care System

Session 2 B: Data Mining
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Xue Bai)

  • Ping Yan and Daniel D. Zeng.  In-store Shopping Activity Modeling based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • Yu Fu, Zhiyuan Chen, A. Gunes Koru, and Aryya Gangopadhyay.  A Privacy Protection Technique for Publishing Data Mining Models and Supporting Data
  • Anindya Ghose, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, and Beibei Li. Towards Designing Ranking Systems for Hotels on Travel Search Engines: Combining Text Mining and Image Classification with Econometrics

Welcome remarks and Lunch  (Sonoran G)

Key note speech: Alisa Wright, CEO, BioConvergence

Session 3


Session 3 A: Collaborative Filtering
Sonoran H (Session Chair: Thomas Lee)

  • Jing Peng and Daniel Zeng. Exploring information hidden in tags: A subject-based item recommendation approach
  • Gediminas Adomavicius and YoungOk Kwon. Toward More Diverse Recommendations: Item Re-Ranking Methods for Recommender Systems
    (***Nominated for best paper award)
  • Dan Zhu. A Game Theoretical Approach for Defending Against Shilling Attack

Session 3 B: Product Distribution and Diffusion and Supply Networks
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Zhangxi Lin)

  • Muhammad Adeel Zaffar, Ram L. Kumar, and Kexin Zhao.  Diffusion of Open Source Software (OSS): An Economics of Social Networks Perspective
  • Kang Zhao, Akhil Kumar, and John Yen.  Effect of Topology on the Robustness of a Supply Network – Metrics and Results
  • Karl R. Lang, Richard D. Shang, and Roumen Vragov.  Strategies for Providing Digital Culture Goods in the Presence of Consumer Sharing and Content Co-Creation
    (***Nominated for best paper award)
3-3:30p Coffee Break  (Sonoran G)

Panel: Application Aware IS Research: Impacts and Contributions. (Sonoran JK)
Panel Chair: Al Hevner; Panelists: Ram Gopal, Matthias Jarke, Sandra Slaughter, and Iris Vessey

5:15-6:15p WITS Board Meeting (Sonoran H)

WITS Dinner
Venue: Sam’s Café,
Address: Biltmore Fashion Park, 2566 E. Camelback Road, Suite 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 954-7100

December 15, 2009

Time Event
7:15-8:00a Continental breakfast and Registration (Sonoran G)

Session 4


Session 4 A: Emerging e-Business Models Sonoran H (Session Chair: Radha Mookerjee)

  • Linjing Li and Daniel D. Zeng.  Equilibrium Bidding Strategy for GSP Keyword Auctions
    (***Nominated for best paper award)
  • Jing Hao, Syam Menon, Srinivasan Raghunathan and Sumit Sarkar. The Impact of Ranking Mechanism on Quality Score and Revenue in Keyword Auctions
  • Harpreet Singh, Ram Gopal, and Xinxin Li.  Risk and Return of Investments in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending
    (***Nominated for best paper award)

Session 4 B: Data and Knowledge Management
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Jinsoo Park)

  • Sandeep Purao, Arvind Karunakaran, and Brian Cameron. ReKon: Recombinable Knowledge Units for Systems Integration Projects
  • Anna Ye Du, Sanjukta Das, Ram Gopal, and Ram Ramesh.   Data and Revenue Management Using Tiered Storage
  • Thomas Setzer.  Data Center Workload Consolidation based on Truncated Singular Value Decomposition of Workload Profiles

Session 5


Session 5 A: Text Mining and Web Mining
Sonoran H (Session Chair: Atish Sinha)

  • Sandeep Purao, Vijayan Sugumaran, and Veda C. Storey.  From User-Contributed Tags to Domain-level Constructs: A Heuristic Approach
  • Thomas H. Park, Jiexun Li, Haozhen Zhao, and Michael Chau.  Analyzing Writing Styles of Bloggers with Different Opinions
  • Yilu Zhou. Dealing with Name Translation Variations and Same Name Problem

Session 5 B: Social Computing
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Gautam Pant)

  • Ofer Arazy, Arie Croitoru, and Soobaek Jang. The Life Cycle of Corporate Wikis: An Analysis of Activity Patterns
  • Abhishek Nagaraj, Amitava Dutta, Priya Seetharaman, and Rahul Roy.  Do Wiki-Pages Have Parents?  An Article-level Inquiry into Wikipedia’s Inequalities
  • Jun Liu and Sudha Ram. Who Does What: Collaboration Patterns in the Wikipedia and Their Impact on Data Quality
    (***Nominated for best paper award)
12-1:30p Lunch and Best Paper Awards (Sonoran G)

Panel: Emerging IT Challenges in the Life Sciences, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical Industries  (Sonoran JK)
Panel Chair: Sudha Ram; Panelists: Brian Ellerman, Tucson SIS Site Head-Sanofi-Aventis, David J Kempson, CIO-Maricopa Integrated Health System, Dan Stanzione, Co-Director – iPlant Collaborative, Edward Suh, CIO-TGen

3:00-3:30p Coffee Break (Sonoran G)

Session 6


Session 6 A: Process Management and Quality Management
Sonoran H (Session Chair: Ahmed Abbasi)

  • Harry Jiannan Wang, and Harris Wu.  Supporting Business Process Design through a Web 2.0 Process Repository
  • Jiaqi Yan, Sherry Sun, Huaiqing Wang, and Zhongsheng Hua.  A Belief-Desire-Intention Modeling Approach for Inspection-Oriented Quality Management
  • Georg Meyer, Gediminas Adomavicius, Paul E. Johnson, Mohamed Elidrisi, Ryan McCabe, Patrick O'Connor, JoAnn Sperl-Hillen, and William Rush.  A Machine Learning Approach to Improving Process Control

Session 6 B: Collaboration, Information Diffusion, and Recommender Systems
Sonoran I (Session Chair: Bin Zhu)

  • Aaron R. Sun, Jessie Cheng, and Daniel D. Zeng.  A Novel Recommendation Framework for Micro-blogging based on Information Diffusion (***Nominated for best paper award)
  • Young Jin Lee, Yong Tan, and Kartik Hosanagar.   Do I Follow My Friends or the Crowd? Informational Cascades in Online Movie Rating
  • Akhmed Umyarov and Alexander Tuzhilin.  Making Aggregate-Level Predictions in Recommender Systems Using Multi-Level Ratings
5:15-6:15p WITS feedback meeting (Sonoran H)

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