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General Information

  • IU World Language Festival is Indiana‚Äôs largest event devoted to language and culture study!
  • It will be lots of fun, with live language and culture lessons, musical performance, twisty balloons, face painting, exhibitions, and more. It is free and open to the public.
    Register NOW - spaces are limited and they fill up fast:Online registration form coming soon.
  • Help prepare you to engage and thrive in the 21st century global economy.
    WLF is designed to encourage K-16 students to study world languages by introducing to them the endless language opportunities offered at IU Bloomington and by actively engaging them in presentations led by our wonderful language faculty and associate instructors.
  • Presenters include faculty experts, graduate associate instructors and students coming from more than 25-30 different languages and countries each year, sharing their expertise in languages and cultures.

Do you know how many languages are taught at IUB?

Offering over 70 languages and more than 80 overseas study programs, IU Bloomington is a world renowned university committed to foreign/second language study and global cultures. IU World Language Festival provides students, parents, teachers and local community members with an opportunity to explore and celebrate the different languages and cultures of our world without the added expense of airfare or hotel-stays. Our language departments and culture centers will offer you a diverse array of colorful exhibits, language mini-lessons, culture presentations, and hands-on workshops, covering a wide range of topics and interests.

Throughout the day, you will experience firsthand the vast language and cultural offerings at IUB in a fun and relaxed way. Join Brazil's most popular Samba dance; learn to speak or sing in Akan, Bamana, Chinese, Estonian, Hungarian, Italian, IsiZulu, Japanese, Kiswahili, Polish, Russian, or Wolof; write your name in Cyrillic, Perso-Arabic Script, or Pashto; try your hand at traditional Gujarati art - "Rangoli" and "Toran;" practice the traditional Ukrainian rite of painting Easter eggs; learn to communicate better with the French by understanding body language, gestures, and the corresponding idiomatic expressions; or check out some state-of-the-art language learning software! Also you will have many opportunities to use your foreign language skills as well as acquire some new ones throughout the festival.

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