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Edella Schlager, University of Arizona

Edella Schlager, Indiana University

EDELLA SCHLAGER is a professor in the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Edella received her PhD in Political Science from Indiana University in 1990. As a graduate student, she worked with Elinor Ostrom, S. Y. Tang, and Bill Blomquist on developing the CPR coding forms. Having been bitten by the institutional bug (she wrote her dissertation on the design and performance of institutional arrangements developed by inshore fishers), she has spent her career engaged in comparative institutional analyses of common-pool resource governing arrangements. Water governance in the western United States is the focus of her research, from conjunctive management of ground and surface waters within states, to interstate water-sharing agreements (interstate river compacts), to regional intergovernmental arrangements that manage for habitat, water quality, and water quantity. Her quest is to bridge the micro and macro levels in explaining the many forms of democratic water governance found throughout the United States (please view Edella’s CV for a listing of her publications). She has had the pleasure of “thinking big thoughts” (S. Y. Tang’s term) about water (thanks to Bill Blomquist), or things that live in water, with some amazing graduate students who are off building their own remarkable careers. If you know of an outstanding student, or if you are an outstanding student, who wants to pursue a PhD, please contact Edella or visit the School of Government & Public Policy’s PhD program website. Currently, Edella is coeditor of the Policy Studies Journal, a leading journal focused on furthering the development of theories and frameworks of policy making. Please consider submitting your finest work to the journal. As a proud participant of all of the WOWs (1–5), she hopes to see you at WOW6 in 2019.