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The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis



EMILY CASTLE, Director of Library & Information Services/Director, Digital Library of the Commons (employment date 2007)
Emily manages the Workshop Research Library, which includes collection development, supervising library hourly staff, and providing one-on-one reference and bibliographical service and instruction to visitors, affiliates, and graduate students. She also manages the Digital Library of the Commons, including the DLC Assistants working to populate it.

RAY ELIASON, Computing Systems Manager (employment date 1999)
Ray provides in-house training, consulting, and support for staff, faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students for all IT-related concerns.  He is responsible for system and network maintenance and administration and for the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of computing hardware and software.  He keeps the Workshop informed of changes within the university and elsewhere related to IT.

JULIE ENGLAND, Systems Analyst/Programmer (employment date 1986)
Julie is responsible for in-house research database development and data requests. She lends a hand in supporting staff, faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students on IT-related matters at the Workshop and is also responsible for IT support at CIPEC and ACT.

GAYLE HIGGINS, Accounting & Financial Support Specialist/Events Scheduler (employment date 1988)
Gayle administers Workshop financial accounts and financial transactions, graduate student funding, grant proposal and budget preparation, administers and reviews payroll vouchers and reports, maintains personnel files, prepares requisitions for purchase orders, Workshop business rep for OVPR and other campus units/groups, works with OVPR fiscal officer on budget issues and Workshop budgets. 

PATTY LEZOTTE, Publications Manager (employment date 1976)
Patty manages the Workshop publications program, including production flow scheduling, editorial and typesetting services, maintaining and archiving master publication files, and dissemination. She serves as graphic designer and desktop publisher pertaining to a wide array of publication projects (for print and web), including the design, layout, editing, and production of the Polycentric Circles newsletter, annual reports, brochures, etc. She monitors, updates, and designs substantial portions of the website, and is responsible for managing the telephone directory, book inventory, and centerís e-mail account. She also acts as key liaison with the universityís news and media specialists.

DAVID PRICE, Office & Facilities Coordinator (employment date 2004)
David sets policy guidelines for security and building issues, room assignments, and manages, monitors, and evaluates the maintenance and service needs for all Workshop buildings. This includes the initiation and follow-up of all building maintenance work requests and facilities improvements working directly with IU Real Estate, the Physical Plant, Building Services, and the janitorial crew leader. David also assists visitors and students with setting up offices, management of keys, assigning mailboxes, giving tours of the buildings, explaining Workshop rules and procedures, and answering all questions as needed. Other duties include scheduling and preparing Workshop meeting rooms for working groups, conferences, classes, etc. and maintaining the inventory of office supplies. As head of the Emergency Control Committee, he schedules sessions for first-aid and CPR training, fire extinguisher training, and Critical Management Training for members of the Emergency Control Committee.