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Prospective Students

The Ostrom Workshop is a unique multidisciplinary center on the IU Bloomington campus that brings together faculty from multiple schools and departments with visiting scholars and graduate students from around the world. The Ostrom Workshop works in conjunction with schools and departments to offer the following courses to fulfill the requirements of studentsí individualized graduate programs.

The Ostrom Workshop offers two core seminars each academic year:

In addition, we may periodically offer additional seminars or courses for Ostrom Workshop graduate students and visiting scholars.

Y673 is offered through the Department of Political Science in the fall semester. Enrollment in the course requires the permission of the department. The course will be taught in the fall semester of 2014 by Professor Michael McGinnis.

V691 is offered through the School of Public & Environmental Affairs in both the fall and spring semesters. The enrollment for this course is capped at 12 students. Additional students wanting to enroll will need permission of the instructor. The course will be taught in the fall semester of 2014 by Professor Burnell Fischer. It will be held on Mondays from Noon to 1:30 p.m. Both courses will be held in the Tocqueville Room of the Ostrom Workshop.

A few specialized courses and seminars are also offered through the auspices of the Ostrom Workshop. These are listed through various IU Bloomington academic units and conducted at the Ostrom Workshop.

The Ostrom Workshop has also offered a training seminar in the International Forestry Resources and Institutions (IFRI) research program. There are also numerous graduate courses taught by Ostrom Workshop Affiliated Faculty and a few are taught at the Ostrom Workshop.

Ostrom Workshop-affiliated faculty and students participate in the graduate programs established in their home department, school, or other unit of Indiana University. Ostrom Workshop-affiliated students have a unique opportunity to explore courses on related topics in different graduate programs, thus expanding the number of perspectives from which they can approach the study of institutions.

PhD programs relevant for students affiliated with the Ostrom Workshop: