WOW3 (June 2-6, 2004)



Welcome to the extended Workshop family! We are pleased that the Workshop has flourished for 30 years, and the prospects for the future appear very bright. We hope you will join us for the third Workshop on the Workshop (WOW3) in June of 2004. We look forward to catching up with you about your work and activities.

Best Regards,
Elinor Ostrom and Vincent Ostrom


The 2004-05 academic year is the 30th Anniversary of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. As described in the Conference Announcement in the Workshop newsletter, Polycentric Circles (vol. 10, no. 1, November 2003), we are organizing the third Workshop on the Workshop conference for alumni, associates, staff, and friends of the Workshop. Meetings will be held at the Indiana Memorial Union and the Workshop, respectively.

The WOW3 conference will be organized around the theme:

Building Social Capital and Self-Governing Capabilities in Diverse Societies

consistent with the final associated working groups below (see Working Groups for more details):

(1) Challenges of Governance in Africa
(2) China in Transition
(3) The Evolution of East Asian Irrigation Institutions
(4) Diverse Approaches to Fisheries Governance
(5) Historical Institutional Analysis on Robustness of Social-Ecological Systems
(6) IFRI Writing Workshop
(7) Tocquevillian Analytics
(8) Urban Politics and Policy
(9) Voluntary Regimes of Self-Regulation
(10) Watershed Management Institutions

For further inquiries, please contact:

HELP SUPPORT WOW3: Donations are needed to help support the upcoming WOW3. We especially need donations that can be used to support the travel of colleagues from overseas. We will, of course, be seeking funding from foundations and other sources, but every little bit will help. If you wish to donate, please send a check (payable to: Indiana University Foundation) to:

Linda Smith

Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

Indiana University

513 North Park

Bloomington, IN 47408-3895

Please contact Linda Smith ( ) if you have any questions.

Grants to support our conference have been received from:

Earhart Foundation
Ford Foundation
Office of the Chancellor, Indiana University
Office of International Programs, Indiana University
Office of the Vice President for Research, Indiana University


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