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For those scheduled to participate in a Working Group, we require Abstract submissions for your presentation via the online Abstract Submission Form below. (Note: Unaffiliated abstracts are no longer being accepted.) Paper submissions associated with presentations are welcome, but they are not required.



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1. Addressing the Complexities of Property Rights in Financial Markets
Coordinator: Travis Selmier II (

2. Analyzing the Role of Polycentric Governance for Enhancing Resilience in SESs
Coordinator: Claudia Pahl-Wostl (

3. Applications of the SES Framework So Far
Coordinator: Mansee Bal (

4. Behavioral Experiments to Study Social-Ecological Systems
Coordinator: Marco Janssen (

5. Beyond Truisms: Exploring the Contributions of Institutional Analysis to the Study of Climate Change Adaptation?
Coordinator: Graham Epstein (

6. Cognition and Norms: Integrating across Multiple Perspectives Addressing Social Dilemmas
Coordinator: Leandro F. F. Meyer (

7. Common Pool and Crowdsourcing in Health Informatics
Coordinator: L. Jean Camp (

8. The Commons as Transformative Paradigm: Interweaving the Different Variations of Commons Logic to Build Commons Abundance
Coordinators: Wolfgang Hoeschele ( and Helene Finidori (

9. Community Commons
Coordinator: Ryan Conway (

10. Working Together: The IAD, Fieldwork, and Integrative Methodologies
Coordinators: Eduardo S. Brondizio ( and François-Michel Le Tourneau (

11. Co-Operative Institutions and the Bloomington School: A Mutually Reinforcing Relationship—Roundtable Panel
Coordinators: Keith Taylor ( and Art Sherwood (

12. Current Trends in Using Experiments in Studying Collective Action and the Commons—Roundtable Panel
Coordinators: Esther Blanco (, Marco Janssen (, and Achim Schlüter (

13. Daniel Cole and Michael McGinnis's new work on Lin’s work; The Political Economy of Elinor Ostrom: A Compendium
Roundtable Panel
Coordinator: Barbara Allen (

14. Democracy and Sustainability: Linking Vincent and Lin’s Works
Coordinators: Brian Lambert ( and Yuvika Diwan (

15. Empirical Assessment of Complex Social-Ecological Systems:  Methodological Frontiers for Measuring Complexity and Change in Sustainable Resource Management
Coordinators: Tanya Hayes ( and Lauren Persha (

16. Experiments on Destruction of Natural Resources
Coordinator: Esther Blanco (

17. Extending the Design Principles to the Study of Land Trusts and Land Protection
Coordinators: James Farmer ( and Tatyana B. Ruseva (

18. External Induction and Support of Collective Action
Coordinator: Kinga Boenning (

19. Federalism and Conflict: Looking into Polycentrism
Coordinator: Katharine Farrell (

20. Field-Based Research on Adaptive Governance of Forest Commons: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Coordinator: Krister Andersson (

21. Food Policy and Local Governance
Coordinator: Gustavo Gordillo (

22. The Governance of Infrastructures: Applying a Social-Ecological System Approach
Coordinator: Rolf Künneke (

23. Governance of Knowledge Commons (GKC)
Coordinator: Charles Schweik (

24. How Does Research on CPRs and Collective Action Translate into Practice? Working Group on the Interface of Research and Practice
Coordinator: Kinga Boenning (

25. Informing Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Studies through the Work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom
Coordinators: Brenda Bushouse (, Brent Never (, and Robert Christensen (

26. Peace Building, Security and Development in Africa
Bamidele Olowu (

27. Institutions, Behavior, and Policy Outcomes
Coordinators: Salvador Espinosa ( and Saba Siddiki (

28. N/A

29. Lab, Field or Natural Field Experiments for Analyzing Governance of CPR Resources?
Coordinator: Achim Schlüter (

30. Learning about the Large-Scale Commons through the Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database (SESMAD)
Coordinator: Michael Cox (Michael.E.Cox@Dartmouth.Edu)

31. Michael McGinnis’s Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, 3 vols.—Roundtable Panel
Coordinator: Barbara Allen (

32. The Relevance and Practical Application of Multi-Level Governance Arrangements for Managing Natural Resources
Coordinator: Carolina Navarrete Frías (

33. Paul Dragos Aligica’s Institutional Diversity and Political Economy: The Ostroms and BeyondRoundtable Panel
Coordinator: Filippo Sabetti (

34. Case Study Investigations into Community Ecosystem Management
Coordinator: Anne MacKinnon (

35. Individual Motives and System Behavior
Coordinator: Jacob Bower-Bir (

36. Polycentricity Theory in Water Governance
Coordinators: Bryan Bruns ( and Raul Pacheco-Vega (

37. N/A

38. Power in Institutions and Institutional Analysis
Coordinators: Prakash Kashwan (, Gustavo Garcia Lopez (, and Insa Theesfeld (

39. Radical Commons
Coordinator: Ryan Conway (

40. Religion and Federalism
Coordinator: Anas Malik (

41. Scoping the Tools for Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological Technical Systems (SETS): The Workshop in Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological and Technical Systems (WINS) at IRI THESys, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Coordinator: Andreas Thiel (

42. The Study of Foundational Religious (Islamic) Texts as Commons
Coordinators: Anas Malik ( and Nazif Shahrani (

43. Understanding Robustness to Disturbance in Irrigation SES: Moving beyond CPR Theory and Static Analyses
Coordinators: Sergio Villamayor-Tomas ( and Eduardo Araral (

44. The Use of Meta-Analysis in Studies of the Commons—Coordinating Efforts and Sharing Knowledge
Coordinator: Tom Evans (

45. Using and Adapting the IAD Framework to Analyze Organizational Dynamics and Large-Scale Policy Processes
Coordinators: Forrest Fleischman ( and Gwen Arnold (

46. Vincent Ostrom’s The Quest to Understand Human Affairs, 2 vols.—Roundtable Panel
Coordinator: Filippo Sabetti (

47. What Is To Be Done? Charting Future Research Program, Prospects, and Directions—PLENARY ADDRESS
Coordinator: Filippo Sabetti (

48. N/A

49. The Workshop as Part of Civic Studies—Roundtable Panel
Coordinator: Karol Soltan (

50. Revising the Social-Ecological Systems Framework?—Roundtable Panel
Coordinator: Tom Evans (

51. Community in Action: The IAD Framework and Emerging Solutions
Coordinator: Arlene Hopkins (

52. Commons in Historical Perspective
Coordinator: Tine De Moor (