Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
April 27, 2005

1. Wage Disclosure Update. Language to incorporate wage disclosure into our licensee code of conduct has been drafted and approved by Mark Long at IU-RTC. It has been sent to President Herbert for his signature. He has already agreed to sign off on it.

2. WRC University Caucus Meeting. Isabel Piedmont will attend this meeting at Georgetown University on April 29 on behalf of Indiana University. Members of the committee asked her to bring up the following items:

3. Meeting with Coca-Cola. A meeting with representatives of Coke and interested WRC universities has been scheduled for May 6 in Washington DC. Phil can attend as a student representative, and we will try to send a faculty or staff member as well. No faculty or staff present at the meeting are able to attend. Committee chair Dick McKaig will send an email out to the whole committee to ask for volunteers. We agreed that the goal of the meeting with Coke is a truly independent investigation of the alleged worker rights violations at bottling plants in Colombia (ie: by the WRC).

4. Multi-Fiber Arrangement/Tsunami Letter. We are still waiting for feedback from University Counsel as to whether it is OK to send the letter we drafted to our licensees.

5. Georgetown Proposal. Dick has not had a chance to talk with University Counsel regarding the proposal from Georgetown to add disclosure of the amount of goods produced in each country to our licensee code of conduct. Georgetown added this language to their code in response to the MFA phase-out, in an effort to keep tabs on licensees whose factories may be moving to China.

6. IUB Fair Trade Conference. Dick reported that the request for seed money to plan a conference to discuss universities’ support of fair trade through their licensees will almost certainly be approved. The request was for $500. Isabel confirmed that she, Purnima Bose and Lynn Duggan would work on conference plans after the end of the semester.