Indiana University Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee
Background Information

The University and Fair Trade Conference (Sept. 2005)

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Background 1999-2004:

Prepared by Committee Chair Richard McKaig

Spring 1999 Office of Licensing and Trademarks approached IUB Dean of Students Advisory Board to explain campus concerns and efforts to date.

Fall 1999 No Sweat student group contacted Licensing and Trademarks to express concerns regarding University policy and practice. Dean of Students staff, Licensing staff, and interested students met over several weeks to discuss issues.

Winter 99-00 "Full public disclosure" adopted as a standard for University licensees of IU merchandise, process for implementation developed, information accessible on web.

February 2000 Indiana University, along with University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin, agreed to become conditional members of the Worker's Rights Consortium. Big Ten representatives began weekly or bi-weekly phone calls to share information on institutional responses to sweatshop issues.

March 2000 Indiana University Code of Conduct for licensees adopted in principle.

April 2000 University represented by faculty, staff, and students at the inaugural meeting of the Workers Rights Consortium.

May 2000 Committee appointed by President to monitor/advise University on sweatshop issues.

July 2000 Second meeting of the advisory committee held; operating procedures discussed.

November 2000 Third meeting of the advisory committee held; reviewed action by other universities and WRC status.

Jan. 26, 2001 Committee met to consider situation at Kukdong factory in Mexico. Committee recommended University letter be sent to Nike expressing institutional concern. (Letter sent 2/5/01 signed by President Brand)

Feb. 21, 2001 Committee met to consider further action on Kukdong situation. Second letter to Nike proposed outlining issues still not resolved. (Letter sent 2/2/01 signed by committee members)

March 30, 2001 Committee met with Athletic Director to discuss apparel contract for sports teams. Consideration given to including language from the Code for licensees in any apparel contracts negotiated by the Athletic Department. Matter will be discussed further with the Athletics Committee.

April 13, 2001 Committee met and received request to endorse the Global Sullivan Principles. Statement being studied. Proposal for collective form of remediation endorsed. Will be presented to WRC University Caucus when it convenes on April 27 in Chicago

Nov. 8, 2001 Committee reviewed good progress at Kukdong factory involving Nike. Committee considered lack of progress being made in obtaining information from New Era Cap Company. Committee voted to ask Trademarks and Licensing Office to send letter to New Era requesting compliance with information request of WRC. (Letter sent November 19, 2001.)

Nov. 30, 2001 Committee received report of Big Ten conference call on New Era discussions on each of the campuses. Committee discussed agenda for the campus meeting with Scott Nova, Executive Director of the WRC.

Dec. 2, 2001 Scott Nova and Kukdong workers spoke at informational meeting on campus.

Feb. 15, 2002 Committee discussed continuing problems with New Era company.

Feb. 22, 2002 Committee received report of Big Ten Conference call on New Era discussions of each of the campuses. Committee recommended that President Brand contact New Era to request their response to the Committee’s November letter. (Letter sent March 11, 2002.) (Reply received March 13, 2002.)

March 29, 2002 Committee received a report on the WRC investigation of PT Dada in Indonesia. Committee discussed lack of progress with New Era. Committee recommended the contract with New Era be cancelled. President Brand subsequently accepted that recommendation.

Nov. 25, 2002 Committee received a report on the May 2002 meeting of the University Caucus of the WRC. Committee discussed the remediation progress being made at PT Dada. Committee informed of WRC decision to launch an assessment of Primo/El Salvador a provider for Lands’ End. Report received on progress made at New Era Company. Committee agreed to recommend reestablishing contracts with the company.

April 18, 2003 Committee received report on the April 14, 2003 meeting of the WRC University Caucus. Committee discussed lack of progress in remediation of issues identified in the Primo/El Salvador assessment. Committee recommended that letter of concern be sent to Lands’ End by Licensing and Trademark office. Recommendation endorsed by President Bepko. (Letter sent April 24, 2003.)

Nov. 17, 2003 Meeting scheduled to discuss lack of progress at Primo/El Salvador (Primo and Lands’ End)

Dec. 15, 2003 Meeting to discuss issues in El Salvador (Primo and Lands’ End), Indonesia (Nike and PT Kolon), and India (Rebound and VF). Wage disclosure issue discussed.

Feb. 24, 2004 Committee discussed El Salvador (Primo and Lands’ End), Wage disclosure, the University contract with Coca-Cola, and Bangladeshi EPZ’s (export processing zones).

April 9, 2004 Committee recommended addition of wage disclosure language in the IU Code of Conduct for licensees, and suggested working with the WRC to develop appropriate procedures. Letter that could be used to notify top ten IU licensees of the new wage disclosure policy was reviewed. Committee recommended that we encourage the WRC to proceed with an investigation into allegations against Coca-Cola. Committee recommended that the RTC write letters to IU licensees doing business in Bangladeshi encouraging them to support workers’ associational rights.

Oct. 28, 2004 Committee discussed progress on wage disclosure recommendation and Coca-Cola issues. Committee discussed Fair Trade Proposal submitted by Continental Enterprises, Inc..