Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
February 19, 2007

IU’s Coca-Cola Contract

Phil Shelton reported that there was no direct response from President Herbert to No Sweat!’s letter asking him to issue a warning to Coke. Instead Herbert replied via committee chair Dick McKaig, in an email message that was forwarded to the committee. The response was that IU had a contract with Coke and intended to live up to the contract. No Sweat! is contemplating its next move.

Meanwhile Swarthmore College has cancelled its Coke contract, and several other schools, especially small colleges, have been joining the anti-Coke, pro-labor campaign. The Coke labor lawsuit in Florida has been thrown out of court for lack of jurisdiction, but a settlement is still being pursued by the labor groups and Coke.

Designated Supplier Proposal Update

Jenny McDaniel reported on the DSP Working Group meeting she attended Feb. 1. Licensees were invited to give feedback on the revisions made to the proposal since last summer. The main sticking points were:

Jenny will resend the report from the Dec. 5 Working Group meeting to refresh our memories.

The hunger strike by USAS students at Purdue ended after about 26 days. The university administration agreed to send an observer to the DSP Working Group meeting in February but has not agreed to sign on to the DSP.

WRC Year-End Report on Factories

Dick McKaig will send the year-end report from the WRC to the committee via email. At the Hermosa factory in El Salvador, a compensation fund for former employees was set up by the FLA with funds from the factory’s former customers, including Nike and Adidas, but it’s too little too late for the former employees, who did not receive state-mandated severance pay or, in some case, back pay owed.

WRC University Caucus

Dick asked who from the committee could attend the annual caucus meeting, to take place March 13 in Washington DC ( Georgetown University). No one present could commit to attending. He will send a message via email to the full committee to try to find someone to represent IU.


Dick has not heard back from IU food services in response to his request to find out whether and to what extent IU sources from SYSCO. He will ask again. No Sweat! is currently more involved in the Coke campaign and has not focused on the SYSCO supplier INPROCSA, which is accused of anti-union activities in Guatemala.

Next Meeting

The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 20, 3:30 pm.