Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
June 9, 2005

1. Update on Volume Disclosure Requirement. Committee chair Dick McKaig reported that a conference call on this topic hosted by the WRC took place earlier that day. Participants included the Universities of Illinois, Duke, Iowa, Georgetown, Brown, California (2 campuses), Wisconsin, and Indiana. They took the language drafted by Georgetown as their starting point and modified some of the language. The volume data will be requested as an aggregate of college licensed products, which will make it easier for the licensees to collect. The implementation of disclosure requirements need the agreement of both the WRC and the FLA in order to be effective. Quarterly reports will be required, but these must be monitored on an annual basis due to the cyclical nature of apparel production.

The universities agreed to work with the two major licensing organizations, CLC and LRG, in order to implement the volume disclosure agreement. Dick said he will await the final language which will be sent by the WRC before including it in Indiana’s code of conduct.

Dick noted that the implementation of wage disclosure is taking a back seat to volume disclosure among universities and the WRC at the present time.

2. Multi-Fiber Arrangement/Tsunami Letter. The volume disclosure requirement will enable use to monitor shifts of production to China as a result of MFA phase-out. Dick has notified the president’s office that the letter we drafted earlier in the year will be sent to licensees, with Dick’s signature as advisory committee chair, starting next week.

3. Update on Coca-Cola issues. The commission to set up an investigation of labor and human rights issues in Colombia and India will meet July 7 in Chicago. No Sweat! representative Phil Shelton, who attended the last meeting about Coke, plans to attend this one as well. He has been in touch with other student activitists on this issue via USAS, which is dissatisfied with Coke’s reponse to their concerns and thinks that the upcoming meeting, run by a Coke representative, will not lead to an independent investigation.

4. IUB Fair Trade Conference. Isabel Piedmont, Purnima Bose, and Lynn Duggan reported on the plans they have made for this two-day conference. They plan to invited a representative from the WRC, and economist from DePaul University, and a licensing representative from Notre Dame. The conference will take plan on a Friday and Saturday in late September.

5. WRC Governing Board Meeting. Dick announced that the WRC Governing Board will meet in Washington DC on October 17. Any member university is welcome to send observers to the meeting.