Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
March 22, 2006

WRC University Caucus Meeting. Isabel Piedmont sent a report from the February 17 meeting in Washington DC via e-mail prior to the meeting.

USAS Designated Supplier Proposal . Jenny McDaniel participated in a conference call with other universities who had accepted the proposal “in principle” on March 8. This DSP “Working Group” currently consists of Univ of Connecticut, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Santa Clara Univ, Univ of Maine-Farmington, Indiana, Georgetown, and Duke. The conference call also included 2 representatives from the WRC. During the call Scott Nova of the WRC said his staff is working on a draft implementation plan. Also discussed was a statement of purpose for the DSP Working Group, which the IU Anti-Sweatshop Committee supported but felt was not necessary.

On March 24 there will be an in-person meeting of the DSP Working Group in Washington DC, and Jenny will attend for IU. We suggested the following ideas be explored:

We briefly discussed tensions between the FLA and the WRC regarding the DSP.

WRC Factory Reports. Committee chair Richard McKaig referred members to the reports emailed by the WRC staff in regard to factories that have recently been monitored.

USAS Workers’ Tour. Ursula McTaggart reported that IUB stop of the tour of garment workers organized by United Students Against Sweatshops was successful. This event occurred on Feb. 26.

Next Meeting . Our next meeting will be 4:00 pm, Monday, April 24, probably in Franklin Hall 106.