Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
March 30, 2005

1. Wage Disclosure. President Herbert has accepted the inclusion of wage disclosure in the licensee’s Code of Conduct. Dick McKaig will meet with Mark Long, Director of IURTC, to draft the letter of acceptance for the president to sign. They will then draft the final language to be inserted into the Code of Conduct. When this is finalized, Jenny McDaniel says an addenda will be sent to current licensees. The matter of how the wage disclosure is to be implemented remains a problem to be worked on in cooperation with other WRC institutions.

2. BJ&B Dominican Republic. A letter of concern was sent by IURTC to licensees who deal with Yupoong, BJ&B’s parent company. The licensees are Merge Left, Nike Team Sports, and Town Talk. Town Talk has already responded saying that they are no longer buying from Yupoong.

3. Proposed Meeting with Coca-Cola. Glen Fichman at UCLA has asked Coke representatives to meet with a group of concerned universities regarding alleged labor rights violations at factories in South America. We decided that we would like to take part in any such meeting, which will probably take place in Chicago.

4. Multi-Fiber Arrangement/Tsunami Letter. As mentioned in our previous meeting, Jenny reported that Mark Long does not feel IURTC can sign the letter to our licensees regarding a shift of trade to China as a result of the expiration of the MFA and the increased negative effect this could have on tsunami-stricken countries. Dick said he would run our letter by IU Legal Counsel and, if they think it’s OK, we will send the letter to licensees from the Committee.

5. Disclosure of Amount of Goods Produced. In order to monitor the effects of the MFA expiration and make sure licensee factories don’t move to China, Georgetown University has added to its licensee Code of Conduct a provision to require licensees to report the volume of licensed goods produced in each country. The Committee decided to send the language which Georgetown is using to Legal Counsel for approval and then to proceed to also add this to IU’s Code of Conduct.

6. WRC University Caucus Meeting. The meeting is to take place Friday, April 29 at Georgetown University. Purnima Bose said she would like to but cannot attend. Isabel Piedmont said she can probably attend. Liz Spector gave Isabel the contact information for Nancy Steffan at the WRC to find out more information about the meeting.

7. Fair Trade Conference. Purnima reported that she and Isabel are still planning a small regional conference for the fall semester to explore the idea of universities supporting fair trade cooperatives. She asked Dick for seed money in the amount of $500 and said plans would proceed after the end of the spring semester. Lynn Duggan said she was interested in helping to plan this event.