Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
May 19, 2005

1. WRC University Caucus Meeting. Isabel Piedmont reported some highlights of the April 29 meeting at Georgetown University, referring committee members to her more extensive notes that were sent via e-mail.

2. Meeting with Coca-Cola. Philip Shelton (No Sweat!) and Steve Veldkamp (Dean of Students office) attended the meeting of universities with representatives of Coke on May 6 in Washington DC. Philip submitted a detailed report via e-mail but could not attend today’s meeting to answer questions. The upshot was that Coke agreed to form a special committee, headed by Director for Global Labor Relations Ed Potter, to work on formulating specific demands and resolving them in ways that are acceptable to both sides. Coke did NOT agree to an independent investigation of the allegations of labor abuse in Colombia.

Next steps:

3. Multi-Fiber Arrangement/Tsunami Letter. Dick has still not met with University Legal Counsel to get their approval to send the letter we drafted in February. He plans to do so soon and expects the letter to be sent to licensees by June 1.

4. Georgetown Proposal for Volume Disclosure. Dick will also ask Legal Counsel about inserting the volume disclosure language into IU’s licensee code of conduct.

5. IUB Fair Trade Conference. Dick reported that he has secured the $500 in seed money. Purnima Bose, Isabel, Lynn Duggan, and Liz Spector will try to meet next week to begin planning.

6. Election of WRC University Caucus Board member. We decided to cast IU’s vote for Jay Marano of Carnegie Mellon University.