Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
November 16, 2006

IU’s Coca-Cola Contract

No Sweat! has drafted a letter to President Herbert asking IU to issue a letter to Coke by Jan. 25, 2007 stating that, if Coke does not meet the SINALTRAINAL workers’ demands regarding worker rights in Colombia by March 20, IU will end its contract with Coke.

We discussed the repercussions for IU should it end its contract – the university would have to repay some of the funds it has received from Coke. Phil Shelton said the letter would be sent to Pres. Herbert along with attachments: 1) the SINALTRAINAL demands, 2) the Montserrat report. We expect the President may ask the Anti-Sweatshop Committee for advice regarding the No Sweat! letter, and we thought it was important to put this letter in the context of the university coalition which has sought to work with Coke on an investigation in the past 2 years, as well as the ILO investigation which is still on-going.

Designated Supplier Proposal Update

Jenny McDaniel, who has been our representative on the DSP Working Group, did not attend, so no update on the Working Group’s progress was given. However, Phil Shelton reported that USAS students at Purdue are starting a hunger strike to protest that university’s decision not to support the DSP.


Phil and Ursula McTaggart described the concern which USAS has regarding the SYSCO Corporation’s use of the supplier INPROCSA in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. SYSCO has contracts with many US universities to supply their on-campus food establishments. INPROCSA is one of SYSCO’s suppliers and has engaged in anti-union activity and black-listing. USAS has sent SYSCO two letters in recent months urging the corporation to demand change at INPROCSA.

Committee Chair Dick McKaig said he would check whether IU has contracts with SYSCO.

Next Meeting

The meeting was tentatively set for December 7, 3:30 pm.