Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee Meeting
September 11, 2006

USAS Designated Supplier Proposal.

Coca-Cola Update

Support for Improved Factories.

Committee chair Dick McKaig reported that President Herbert’s office declined to endorse the letter we wanted him to send to licensees asking that they source from factories where significant improvements in worker rights had been made, but where a reduction in orders threatens factory closure.

Letter Regarding Hermosa & Chi Fung Factories.

Isabel sent the revised draft letter to licensees who source from these factories to the committee chair shortly after our last meeting, but the letter has not be sent. Dick said that the negative response he received from the university administration regarding the letter asking licensees to support improved factories (see above) led him to cease action on the Hermosa letter. The committee expressed their desire to still send the Hermosa letter. Dick said he would run it by University Counsel, and if they had no objections, he would have it sent from the committee. Katy reported that she was in El Salvador this summer and discerned that the letter could still have an important impact on workers there.

WRC Factory Reports on BJ&B.

Next Meeting.

The next committee meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 26, 3:30 pm. Location will probably be a meeting room at the IMU; this will be confirmed via e-mail.