Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee
Meeting September 26, 2006

Letter Regarding Hermosa & Chi Fung Factories.

University Counsel did not respond to the draft letter until this week, so the letter has not yet been sent. Counsel did approve the text this week, and the letter will be sent within a few days to the following licensees: Russell Athletic, Majestic Athletic, Nike, Jansport, and Team Edition Apparel.

USAS Designated Supplier Proposal.

Letter to Licensees Regarding BJ&B.

Katy was going to draft a letter to send to licensees who source from BJ&B. This has not been done. Phil said he would remind Katy.

Support for Improved Factories.

Katy and Phil are planning to meet with buyers from the IU Boostore again about ordering directly from Just Garments in order to support the factories that had made significant workers’ rights improvements.

Next Meeting .

The next committee meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 26, 3:30 pm. Location will probably be a meeting room at the IMU; this will be confirmed via e-mail. Dick will invite the relevant individual(s) from Purchasing to talk about the Coke contract.