Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can a high school student be considered for the Wells Scholarship?

  • The student must be nominated. High schools in Indiana and selected high schools from other states are invited to nominate up to two students from the senior class for the Wells Scholarship. More information can be found here.

If my high school is not eligible to nominate candidates, can I still be considered for the Wells Scholarship?

  • Students who are home schooled or who attend a high school that is not eligible to nominate Wells Scholarship candidates may be nominated by the IUB Office of Admissions via the process outlined here.

How do I find out whether my high school is on the list of eligible high schools outside of Indiana?

  • You should first check with your guidance counselor. If necessary, you may either call (812-855-9491) or email ( us to inquire.

How does a high school get on the list of eligible high schools outside of Indiana?

  • Although we welcome inquiries from interested schools, we add schools to our nominating list only by invitation.

What are the criteria for awarding the scholarship?

  • Candidates selected for the Wells Scholarship show exceptional qualities of character and leadership. In addition, they have been significantly involved in extracurricular activities, have demonstrated a concern for their community, and have excelled in terms of class rank, grade point average, and performance on standardized tests. In the past, successful nominees have typically ranked in the top 5 percent of their class, compiled a GPA of 3.9 or higher on a 4.0 scale, scored 1400 or higher on the combined SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics tests or 32 (composite) or higher on the ACT, and shown a pattern of serious commitment to one or more activities outside of class.

What is the timeline for the high school nomination process?

  • A calendar of the high school nomination process can be found here.

I’ve heard something about an Internal Wells Scholarship. How is that awarded?

  • Each spring, the Wells Scholars Program awards scholarships to one or two sophomores or juniors who are already enrolled at IU Bloomington. That process is described here.

Do I have to apply to Indiana University if I have been nominated by my high school for the Wells Scholarship?

  • If you have been nominated by your high school, you do not need to apply for admission to Indiana University before being considered for a Wells Scholarship—although you will need to apply in order to accept the scholarship. We strongly encourage you to submit your application for admission to IU Bloomington with supporting materials at the earliest possible date, but no later than November 1, so that you may be considered for other scholarships and opportunities for financial aid at IU Bloomington and receive information about the wide variety of academic and housing options available. It is especially important that you meet the November 1 deadline, since the Wells program will not name finalists until mid-November.

    For additional information, including IU deadlines, visit the sites for IUB’s Office of Admissions and Office of Scholarships. You can find IUB freshman application materials here.

If I have been nominated for the Wells Scholarship, do I also have to apply to the Hutton Honors College?

  • Admission to the Hutton Honors College is by invitation. Please check the HHC website for additional information.

I am applying for admission to the Jacobs School of Music with the intent of majoring in music.  Am I eligible for consideration for the Wells Scholarship?  

  • Yes, Wells Scholars may major in any field offered at IU.

Can I keep other scholarships?  

  • The Wells Scholarship replaces any other financial award from IU for incoming freshmen, such as Hutton Honors College scholarships, and cannot be combined with any other IU merit-based freshmen awards, with the exception of the IU National Merit Scholarship.  Scholarships from sources outside of IU are normally deposited in your Bursar’s account, and then passed on to you as a refund.  However, if you are awarded an outside scholarship that specifically provides tuition or a similar benefit paid directly by the WSP, you may not be eligible to receive the outside award in full or in part.  Please check with the grantor of an outside scholarship about its policies.  Once you are enrolled at IU, you are eligible to receive some other scholarships, such as departmental awards, from other units at the university, depending on those units’ policies.