Herman B Wells shacking students hands

Herman B Wells

Honoring an IU legend

Considered one of the great leaders in higher education, Herman B Wells devoted his life to making Indiana University an academic and cultural institution of international stature. He entered IU as an undergraduate in 1921, joined the faculty in 1930, and began his legendary 25-year presidency in 1937.

The fruits of Dr. Wells’ efforts and ideals can be seen throughout the university system. A few of his accomplishments include:

  • Promoting international studies
  • Advancing the rights of African American students
  • Fostering the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research
  • Establishing the Lilly Library, which houses rare books and manuscripts

To honor this remarkable man, the university created the Wells Scholars Program in 1988. IU welcomed its first class of Wells Scholars in 1990, and on June 7, 1992, Dr. Wells’ 90th birthday, he was officially presented with the Wells Scholars Program, as a gift from his many friends and admirers. This community of talented and dedicated young Scholars remains as a permanent legacy of his educational vision.

For more information on Herman B Wells, see the Digital Wells website. A gallery of images of Dr. Wells’ involvement with the Scholars can be found here.