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WTS Dissertation Groups (Fall 2015 semester)

This program aims to help writers maintain regular progress on their dissertations during the academic year, as well as to introduce students to resources available to them in the library and on the web.

Groups will include approximately eight participants each and will meet once a week. Each three-hour meeting will consist of about an hour of group discussion facilitated by a WTS graduate tutor on topics which may include writing and motivational strategies. Discussion will be followed by 5-10 minutes in which group members share their progress since the last meeting and set goals for the following two hours of the session.

The remaining two hours will be devoted to structured writing time. While this time will be focused on individual work, the WTS facilitator and other members of the writing group will be nearby to answer any questions and offer support.

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More information can be found here.

If you would like to participate in a Fall 2015 group, fill out this form online by August 13, 2015.


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