YCGL Volume 42
Table of Contents

Documents in the History of Comparative Literature

9 Stephane Mallarmé (1842-98)
Christopher Brennan (Introduction, "Christopher Brennan," by Rosemary Lloyd)

18 Symbolism in Nineteenth Century Literature
Christopher Brennan


29 Towards a Poetics of Mallarmé's Late Prose
Malcolm Bowie

38 Mallarmé and "Le Signe par Excellence"
Bertrand Marchal

46 A Reading of Mallarmé's "Hommage" (A Richard Wagner)
David Ellison

57 Music, Letters, Truth and Lies: "L'Après-Midi d' un Faune" as an ars poetica
Joshua Landy

70 Modern Poetics of Chance: Boulez, Mallarmé, Cage
Kate van Orden

83 Shadows of Desire: Mallarmé and Debussy Searching for Pleasure
David A. Powell

92 Mallarmé before the Tribunal of the Dream
Jean-Luc Steinmetz (Translation by Sayeeda Mamoon)

100 "Le Faune," Illusion, Unconscious Perception
Rae Beth Gordon

109 Translation and the Art of Friendship, Signed Mallarmé and Whistler
Mary Ann Caws

127 "Disparition Élocutoire" and Negativity: The Defiguration of Feminine Representation in Mallarmé's "Le Nénuphar blanc"
Alain Girard (Translation by Claire Finnerty)

142 The Pragmatic Force of Lyric
Steven Winspur

Comparative Literature around the World

148 Report on the conference on "Sexuality and Edo Culture, 1750-1850," August 17-20, 1995, in Bloomington, Indiana
Cimberli Kearns

In Memoriam

151 Werner Paul Friedrich (David Malone)

154 C. Clifford Flanigan (Claus Clüver)


156 Sarah Lawell, ed. Reading World Literature: Theory, History, Practice
Dorothy Figueira

157 Murray Krieger. The Institution of Theory
Scott DeShong

160 Patrick O'Neill. Fictions of Discourse: Reading Narrative Theory
Wendell V. Harris

163 Frank Stringfellow. The Meaning of Irony
Candace Lang

164 Allen Pasco. Allusion: A Literary Graph
Earl Miner

167 David-Henri Pageaux. La Littérature générale et comparée
Deborah Losse

168 Winfried Siemerling. Discoveries of the Other: Alterity in the Work of Leonard Cohen, Hubert Aquin, Michael Ondaatje and Nicole Brossard
Marilyn Randall

171 Steven White. Modern Nicaraguan Poetry: Dialogues with France and the United States
Henry Cohen

172 Dianna C. Neibylski. The Poem on the Edge of the Word: The Limits of Languages and the Uses of Silence in the Poetry of Mallarmé, Rilke, and Vellejo
Robert ter Horst

175 Andrew Wawn, ed. Northern Antiquity: The Post-Medieval Reception of Edda and Saga
Theodore M. Andersson

176 Dorothy Figueira. The Exotic: A Decadent Quest
Kathryn Lehman

178 William Spanos. The End of Education: Toward Posthumanism
Norman S. Holland, Jr.