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< Conference Presentations >

Satellite Workshop in WAFL 13:  Interface in Altaic — Prosody and beyond

Time: May 25, 2017 (Tu)
Place: International Christian University, Tokyo Japan
Organizers: Yoshihisa Kitagawa (Indiana University) & Satoshi Tomioka (University of Delaware)


[1] 'Non-focal prominence' 13:30-14:15

      Shinichiro Ishihara, Yoshihisa Kitagawa, Satoshi Nambu and Hajime Ono

      (Lund University, Indiana University, Monash University & Tsuda College)

[2] 'Re-examination of focus-sensitivity in Japanese' 14:15-15:00

      Satoshi Tomioka (University of Delaware)

[3] 'Processing prosodic boundaries in Turkish' 15:15-16:00

      Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz (Boğaziçi University)

[4] 'Synchronizing physical and logical properties' 16:00-16:45

      Junghyoe Yoon and Yoshihisa Kitagawa (Korea University & Indiana University)

[5] Panel discussion: 17:00-17:45


Christopher Davis (The University of the Ryukyus)
Hyun Kyung Hwang (The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)
Shigeto Kawahara (Keio University)
Hiromu Sakai (Waseda University)

Yoshihisa Kitagawa

"Prominence without Focus"
Poster presetation at DP 60

Time: 11am-, February 11, 2017 (Sat)
Place: MIT

Yoshihisa Kitagawa
"The synchrony and diachrony of voiced obstruents in Japanese"
Keynote presentation at BEAL Forum 2

Time: October 21, 2016 (F)
Place: Ohio State University

Yoshihisa Kitagawa & Shinichiro Ishihara
"Phonetic Properties of Nuclear Prominence in Japanese: Invariability and Variation"
at Prosody and Information Structure in Stuttgart

Time: March 22, 2016 (Tu) 2 - 2:30pm
Place: Universität Stuttgart

< Dissertation Defense>

 Basem Al-Raba'a

Reflexivity and Reciprocality in Arabic

Time:      May 4(R)   2:30 pm
Place:      The Charter Room, IMU

Committee in charge:

Co-chairs: Yoshihisa Kitagawa (Linguistics) & Salman Al-ani (NELC)

Members: Thomas Grano (Linguistics) & Nader Morkus (NELC)

< Student Presentations >

L 490/590  "Linguistic Structure of Japanese" Student presentations #2

Time:      April 25 (T) & April 27 (R)   1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Place:      SY 212
Anyone interested is welcome to stop by.

April 25 (T)


[1]       1:00-1:25

Gao Feier, Mercedes Hohenberger & Suchada Sanonguthai
"Why relative clauses are ambiguous: A syntactic cross-comparison of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai"

[2]       1:25-1:50

Meaghan Gallegos, Seo Yeon Kim & Becca Morris
"Restrictions on Scrambling in Japanese, Korean, and Turkish"

[3]       1:50-2:15

Angela Harris & Samson Lotven
"Towards a Map of NP in Japanese"

April 27 (R)


[1]       1:00-1:25

Patricia McDonough & Richard Nyamahanga
"Comparing Causative Morphology in Japanese and Kihehe"

[2]       1:30-1:55

Taitum Caggiano, Ding Ding & Shohei Yamazaki
"An Analysis of Numeral Classifiers in Japanese and Chinese:
An Investigation on their Commonalities and Differences"

[3]       1:50-2:15

Stephen Gervase & Rachel Schlaifer
"Causative structures in Hindi and Japanese (Tentative)"


L643 "Advanced Syntax" Student Presentation:

Time: April 18 (T), 20 (R), 25 (T) & 27 (R), 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Place: SY 212

Anyone interested is welcome to stop by.

April 18 (T)


[1]  2:30-2:55

Juan Escalona Torres
"The Syntax of Epistemic and Speech-Act Adverbs in Spanish: A Case Study of Puerto Rican Colloquial Adverbs"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Dillon Tautunu Smith
"Preverbal Clitic Subjects in Sāmoan"

[3]  3:20-3:45

Daniel Jung
"Examining phrase structure in the Spanish DP: The case of possessives"

April 20 (R)


[1]  2:30-2:55

Chien-Han Hsiao
"Information structure and prosodic prominence in Mandarin"

[2]  2:55-3:20

John Rothgerber
"Reconsidering restrictions on Japanese right dislocation"

[3]  3:20-3:45

Jordan Ling
"The Pragmatics of Ditransitivity in English "

April 25 (T)


[1]  2:30-2:55

Bora Nam
"The Phrasal Structure of Negation in Korean"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Jay Kaiser
"An Analysis of German Auxiliary Flip"

[3]  3:20-3:45

Kyle Swanson
"(In)flexible reference and the shape of Universal Grammar"

April 27 (R)


[1]  2:30-2:55

Emily Tardiff
"Scope and the Japanese Passive: Direct and Indirect Constructions"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Jeanne Gilbert
"VP vs. TP Ellipsis in Spanish and English"

[3]  3:20-3:45

Jacqueline Sorg
"I got me some Personal Dative: an analysis of Ozark English"


In print "Interfacing Syntax with Sounds and Meanings," Handbook of Japanese Syntax, Mouton de Gruyter, Pp. 63.

2017 "Morphosyntax at LF," in Mitwpl, Halpert, Kotek and van Urk eds, A Pesky Set, pp. 1-10.

2013 "Uttering and Interpreting Trees," English Linguistics 30.1.

2013 Special Issue: Prosody at the Grammatical Crossroads — Japanese and Beyond
Guest Edited by Yoshihisa Kitagawa & Satoshi Tomioka, Lingua 124.

2013 Kitagawa, Yoshihisa, Katsuo Tamaoka and Satoshi Tomioka, "Prosodic Matters in
Intervention Effects in Japanese: An Experimental Study," Lingua 124.

2013 Yoon, Junghyoe and Yoshihisa Kitagawa, "Case Drop from Fragment Answers in
Korean," Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, 19.1.

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