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Yuyin Hsu (2013)

The Interaction of the Information Structure and the Syntactic Representation in Chinese, Indiana University.

Dr. Hsu is currently an Assistant Professor at Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Junghyoe Yoon (2012)

Case Drop in Korean - Its Empirical and Theoretical Investigation, Indiana

Dr. Yoon is currently a Lecturer at Korea University in Korea.

Ock-Hwan Kim (2012)

The Syntax of Inaudible Noun Phrases in Korean, Indiana University.

Dr. Kim is currently an International College Coordinator for the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Dunia Catalina Méndez Vallejo (2009)

Masanori Deguchi (2003)

The Anatomy of Quantifier Scope Interaction, Indiana University.

Dr. Deguchi is currently an Associate Professor of Japanese at Western Washington University.

Ae-Ryung Kim (2000)

A Derivational Quantification of "WH-Phrase", Indiana University.

Dr. Kim is currently an Associate professor and Department Chair at the Department of English Education, Kyungnam University in Korea.

Koji Hoshi (1995)

On the Structural and Interpretive Aspects of the Head-Internal and Head- External Relatives Clauses, University of Rochester

Dr. Hoshi is currently a Professor of English at Keio University in Japan.

Jen Ting (1995)

A Study of the Passive Construction in Mandarin Chinese, University of Rochester.

Dr. Ting is currently a Professor of English and Linguistics at National Normal University in Taiwan.

Naoya Fujita (1994)

On the Nature of Modification: A Study of Floating Quantifiers and Related Constructions, University of Rochester.

Dr. Fujita is currently a Professor of English at Kinki University in Osaka, Japan.