A secondary function of the lab includes identifications provided for police departments, conservation departments, coroners, museums, and individuals.  The collections are frequently referred to by students and faculty of several departments within the university as well as by external institutions in pursuit of various specialized studies which include elements such as age, sex, size, geographic ranges, variations, pathologies, nutritional effects, butchering techniques, tool technologies, seasonal migrations, range extensions or reductions, and methods of preservation.

Tours, demonstrations, and talks are also available for local schools and other interested parties.

  • Kelsey's Dog Display
  • "Dig Into Reading" in Cody, WY

    Laura Scheiber and the 2013 Bighorn Archaeology Field School students teach a "Dig Into Reading" class on archaeology to kids at the Park County Library in Cody, Wy. Graduate student Amanda Burt demonstrates a horse skull to the group.

  • Bloomington Project School

    We had a great time showing animal teeth to the K/1 students at the Bloomington Project School today! A pig, deer, opossum, raccoon, sea otter, coyote, and mountain lion all made the journey across town in the below zero temps. Thanks to everyone involved for sharing your time and stories!

  • Elementary Outreach

    WRAZL employees showing off part of our collection at a local elementary school.

  • A&S Outreach

    WRAZL employees and volunteers attending an IU event showing undergraduates different on-campus oppertunities