Faculty Director

Laura L. Scheiber (Anthropology), colonialism, food and identity, subsistence, mammal butchery, North America

Laboratory Manager


Affiliated Faculty

  • Farrah Bashey-Visser (Biology), evolution of parasite virulence and host exploitation
  • Charles Beeker (School of Public Health), underwater science, living museums in the sea
  • Della Collins Cook (Anthropology), human osteology, paleopathology, infectious diseases
  • Erika Elswick (Geological Sciences), analytical geochemistry
  • Frederika Kaestle (Anthropology), molecular anthropology, population genetics, ancient DNA
  • Kevin Hunt (Anthropology), functional morphology and ecology of hominids and apes
  • Claudia C. Johnson (Geological Sciences), evolution in paleotropics, tropical reefs
  • P. David Polly (Geological Sciences), vertebrate paleontology, mammal evolution
  • Jeanne Sept (Anthropology), human evolution, paleoecology, primate ecology and diet

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Assistants

Former Members