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Ashley’s journey: becoming a better leader

Description of the video:

Ashley speaks: I chose IU for a variety of reasons.

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

[Words appear:]

Ashley speaks: First, I kind of fell in love with the idea of coming to a school that has so many opportunities.

[Words appear: Ashley Toruno, Public Management Major]

Ashley speaks: As a first generation college student, you know, it’s at first intimidating to just move away from home. You know, I was really sold on that promise of, you know, becoming part of the hoosier family.

As a whole, my first year I was challenged to really step outside of my comfort zone, be away from my family and, you know, create a new family here through different student organizations or different involvements that created a family for me here. So, that support system helped me through those difficult times.

So, all of my involvements I’ve focused around really building community and supporting first-generation and minority and incoming students through several offices on campus.

So, during my first few years I was involved with the Office of First Year Experience Programs, first, as a new student orientation leader where I had the opportunity to welcome new students and help them find their place here and find their community. And then, as a student coordinator, I had the opportunity to really develop the program and develop a group of new student leaders to do just that and continue, continue welcoming students.

Since my freshman year I would definitely say I’ve grown in a lot of ways to really help me be successful in my career. I think really embracing the opportunities that I did have these past four years have helped me become just an overall better leader that will help me in my personal life, my professional life and just throughout my life.

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

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Miranda Barnett

The first job I ever remember wanting to have was discovering more constellations.

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IU students who have shined

Lia Bobay and a colleague examine a bird.

Studying birds and climate change

Lia Bobay’s research has gone to the birds. An IU 2020 Sustainability Scholar and environmental science major, Bobay is helping IU researchers collect and analyze data on dark-eyed juncos. Their goal: to determine whether climate change has altered the birds’ male-to-female ratio in southern Indiana.

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Brielle Drelick

Big-screen internship in B-town

Brielle Drelick had never worked in film, but when she was offered a public relations internship with a movie filming in Bloomington, she jumped at the chance. She tapped into four years’ worth of journalism classes and marketing experiences to make her internship a success—and she learned a lot, too.

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Samuel Edwards gives a presentation.

Top M.B.A. student and new brand manager

Poets & Quants named two IU students, including Samuel Edwards, to its list of 2016’s best M.B.A. graduates. IU’s Kelley School of Business helped Samuel switch from a career as a health care contracting analyst to a career in brand management. He interned for General Mills, which hired him full time.

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