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Grace’s journey: learning about herself and discovering her path

Description of the following video:

[Video: Grace Waltz sits in a video studio. She has shoulder-length brown hair and a nose ring.]

Grace: When I came to IU, I was probably a fourth of who I am today.

[Words appear: IU Bloomington Seniors, Class of 2016]

Grace: I originally thought, you know, I want to go someplace else. Branch out from Indiana.

[Video: Grace sits in the studio, wearing a black Indiana University shirt and a red jacket.]

[Words appear: Grace Waltz, Telecommunications Major, Class of 2016]

Grace: But then I sort of looked at what IU had to offer and I said, why would I go anywhere else because it has everything.

[Photo: Grace, a male student, and a female student stand outside on a snowy day, holding a poster that reads “IU hearts you” and a paper heart that reads “I heart a Hoosier.”]

Grace: It’s a big school but I can make it small where I want to. It has stuff I want to study.

[Video: In the studio, Grace presses a button on a camera and aims the camera.]

Grace: I knew that I wanted to do something with film or TV and that was sort of the goal since I was, like, eight years old. I’ve had it in my brain for so long.

[Photo: Grace uses a camera to take a picture.]

Grace: I still kind of focus on video as my end goal but telecom, the telecom department, the teachers I had there, they really taught me that, like, there’s a lot more to the industry than I realized.

[Video: In the studio, Grace wears headphones and holds a pole that has a microphone on the end.]

Grace: I got to study abroad in Prague, in the Czech Republic, and it was definitely the best part about being at IU.

[Photo: Grace stands with two female friends in front of a wall covered in graffiti.]

[Photo: Grace and several other people smile and pose, with some people holding a sign in a foreign language.]

Grace: Because when I was in Prague, I got to work at a small film production company, and it really kind of helped me learn who I was and learn my style, and it helped me figure out, like, what I wanted to do with my life.

[Photo: Grace is on an escalator.]

[Photo: Grace poses beside a body of water near a city that has an old stone bridge.]

Grace: When I first came to IU, I really wanted to become a part of the Bloomington community more than just a part of the IU campus.

[Photo: Grace stands by a sign that reads “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.”]

Grace: I have been volunteering for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard for two years.

[Video: Grace sits by a camera in the studio and talks to someone.]

[Video: Grace walks across the studio and picks up something from a chair.]

Grace: It really made me start thinking about, like, the ways that video can help organizations like that, so I really think that there’s a way for me to morph my volunteering sensibility into my career because I would love to use the things that I have learned here to help communities no matter where I end up.

[Photo: Grace stands by shelves of canned food and supplies.]

[Photo: Grace smiles and looks upward while wearing sunglasses. The Hollywood sign is on a hill in the background.]

Grace: My time at IU really helped me grow into who I am.

[Photo: Grace sits on a beach and looks at a camera.]

[Photo: Grace holds a disc that reflects light onto a woman during a video shoot or photo shoot.]

Grace: It allowed me to, you know, sort of, solidify myself in a way that I don’t really know how to explain because, you know, I met so many new people, I figured out that I’m the type of person that wants to talk to strangers and learn about them, and I found out that I’m the kind of person that wants to, you know, be a little uncomfortable sometimes and figure out how to adjust.

[Video: In the studio, Grace writes on paper with a red pen.]

[Video: Grace smiles and holds the paper, which reads “While I was at IU I found myself!”]


[Video: The Indiana University trident appears.]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

[End of transcript]

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