Hoosier Life

What will your IU experience be?

Description of the video:

[Dramatic violin plays]

[Video: An aerial view shows the Fine Arts Plaza on the IU campus filled with people and tents for an event.]

[Words appear: Hoosier experience.]

 [Video: Three students are walking down a tree-lined street talking.]

 [The violin music blends into energetic music.]

 [Video: The Fine Arts Plaza event is shown again, with many people walking between tents around the Showalter Fountain in the middle of the plaza. The next scene shows a group of students doing a step dance routine on a stage in the plaza. Then two students are shown talking with facemasks on. Next a man is seen holding a kite in the air. Then two students are seen taking a selfie while others walk past in the background. Next, two students interact with a man under the event tent. Then a job fair is shown inside Alumni Hall in the Union building, with people walking between information tables.]

 [Words appear: Academics and careers.]

 [Video: A man at one of the info tables is talking to a student. Then a quartet is playing under an outdoor tent.]

 [Words appear: Arts and humanities.]

 [Video: Students are sitting in small groups in the grass listening to the quartet play. Next a woman is showing a small group of people materials as part of a cultural display.]

 [Words appear: Equity and inclusion.]

 [Video: An aerial view shows an outdoor concert with a choral group performing on a stage while a large group of people watch. Next a student is seen doing a log rolling activity in a small pool with a crowd behind her.]

 [Words appear: Health and wellness.]

 [Video: Three students are standing together with one handing small plants to the other two. Next a student is talking to a group of students during an outdoor activity. Then a small group of the students have a discussion.]

 [Words appear: Leadership and engagement.]

 [Video: Three students are sorting cleaning items and placing them in bags and boxes.]

 [Words appear: Tradition and community.]

[Video: Various scenes from an outdoor event are shown. Students are sitting around the Showalter Fountain on a sunny day. A student is seen smiling at the camera. Then four students pose for a picture. Next, a student is seen examining a small plant at an info booth. Another group of students pose for a picture in front of the fountain. Three students are seen assembling kites outside. A small group of students smile while sharing a pizza at the event, while one student holds a shirt that reads IU is home. Then an aerial view shows the Old Crescent part of campus, with large limestone buildings surrounding by trees and red brick paths connecting them.]

 [Words appear: IU create your Hoosier experience.]

 [Video: An aerial view shows a wide view of the campus, with limestone buildings dotting the wooded landscape. The screen then fades to black.]

 [Words appear: IU First Year Experience Programs. F y e dot Indiana dot e d u.]

 [Music fades.]

 [End of transcript.]

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