Research Experiences

Dive in to your discovery moment

For the glory of knowledge, Hoosiers go all in. And we do it together—your moments of wonder and discovery will happen with brilliant IU students and faculty mentors at your side. You can pursue any interest with gusto, and count on the support of your research team—and the expert guidance of your professors.

Exploring ancient shipwrecks

Making a deep-sea expedition to examine an ancient shipwreck is just a day in the life for IU students in Professor Charles Beeker’s program in underwater science. Thanks to Beeker and his student team, the 1699 pirate ship of the infamous Captain Kidd was converted to the Captain Kidd Shipwreck Living Museum of the Sea at the bottom of the Caribbean—one among many historic vessels the team has discovered and converted for public use. Students in the Academic Diving Program at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington are leagues above your average research scientists—going the extra mile to become certified divers. Check out the IU Underwater Science program on Facebook to see what student divers are uncovering now.

An IU student researcher inspects a cannon from the Captain Kidd shipwreck

A lab for every passion under the sun

In hundreds of small and large research labs, centers, and institutes in every subject imaginable, we’re changing the traditional methods of approaching problems—like in the IU Creativity Labs, where students and faculty are designing new ways to teach children electronics, math, music, and science.

Programs like IU STARS (Science, Technology, and Research Scholars) and the Cox Research Scholars Program give students four years of faculty-mentored research experiences, while external competitions and experiences showcase IU students’ imagination and ingenuity.

Where students publish their own research

“Spark a culture of curiosity”—that’s the maxim of the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research, a publication created and managed by IU students, and mentored by IU faculty.

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[Words appear: Kristie Hsu, IUJUR Co-Editor in Chief, Neuroscience Major, Senior]

Kristie speaks: The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research is an undergraduate research publication completely run by students but also faculty mentored. So we’re looking to highlight research from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional schools. It’s exciting because it allows hands-on activity not only from the publication side but also from the side of student authors. So that you can come out with that final product that you can be so extremely proud of and see actually in print, online in an open access journal that’s searchable through Google. It’s a really neat opportunity.

[Words appear: Lauren Martin, IUJUR Design Manager, Visual Communication Major, Senior]

Lauren speaks: I work with InDesign and I get to actually design how the journal’s going to look and make the choices if we’re going to purely academic or make it kind of magazine-esque to make it more fun. So at the journal I’ve been able to experience a lot of hands-on stuff to work with that can help me—possibly my future career—so it’s exciting in the fact that you can bring any of your talents to the journal and we can probably find a way to mold that in there, which I think is really exciting and a good way to practice something for the future which is important.

[Words appear: Peyton Joachim, IUJUR Contributing Author, Biology Major, Junior]

Peyton speaks: My research is based on a co-evolutionary relationship between a parasite and its host and the development of resistance to that parasite. I would definitely not have the same experiences or abilities to do this sort of thing in other universities. IU is such a great research university, especially in biology. It feels really great be one of the first people published in this journal because I feel like I’m sort of starting something at IU.

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[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

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Using superpowered technology

Our technology centers aren’t just awe-inspiring. They’re essential tools in our research and creative work. At other top-tier research universities, massive supercomputers like our Big Red 3 are typically reserved for faculty. But IU gives students access to supercomputing and to some of the best IT and technology resources in the nation.

Technology wonderlands like the Advanced Visualization Lab allow you to develop your expertise with research tools like 3-D modeling.

IU students use visualization technology for a video art project.

What do a music student, an informatics student, and an anthropology student have in common?

At IU, they’re likely working together on the same research project. Our research culture is driven by the understanding that our most successful work combines ideas from diverse subject areas.

Think of the IU research environment like a dating pool, and imagine that pool is the size of an ocean. And then add an atmosphere of openness and inclusiveness, and you’ll get an idea of how easy it is to expand your horizons here—through research connections you never thought were possible.

Research experiences build your confidence and give you an edge in the employment market. Many IU students have used their research backgrounds to create new technologies or new companies—before they even graduate.

Get your ideas out there

Whether you’re on the road to becoming IU’s next great environmental advocate, social media scholar, or robot designer—the world is waiting for your contribution.