But I won't get caught!


But consider this:

Try this to see what anyone can do who suspects plagiarism:

Copy and paste the the blue text below, directly quoted from Frick (1991, pp. 29-30), into Google, or click here:

"All we need to do is 'plug into' the world of electronic information. We need to be carrying around our personal computers and video cameras and creating our own interactive video instruction."

This is what many instructors do if they suspect plagiarism when reading a student's writing. Something does not look quite right. There is a change or unevenness in writing style or tone. So the instructor types or copies and pastes a line or two of a suspected passage into Google, and presto! If the text has been plagiarized from a published source, there is often a link found on the first page or two of search results which points to the original source.

By the way, in order to avoid plagiarism ourselves, we should provide the bibliographic reference for the source of the quote above (text in blue):

Frick, T. (1991). Restructuring education through technology. Bloomington, IN: Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation.

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