Changes in the Tutorial and Certification Tests: 2002-2019

The tutorial and test on How to Recognize Plagiarism was originally developed for use by students in the Instructional Systems Technology (IST) department at Indiana University, starting in September, 2002. As others have since discovered these online resources, worldwide usage has been increasing dramatically each year, with over 50 million page views between January 2, 2016 and January 24, 2019, during which more than 463,000 individuals passed a Certification Test in that interval.

We have learned through correspondence initiated by instructors that many now require their students to take this test. We have no control over who uses our tests and for what purposes. Our goal has always been to help people understand what plagiarism is, so that they do not commit plagiarism in their writing and presentations. Anyone is welcome to use our learning resources and tests on this site for non-profit educational purposes. Test item pools remain proprietary and are not available for duplication elsewhere. This service is provided free of charge. Tests and content are maintained by a few volunteer graduate students and an emeritus faculty member in IST at Indiana University who have donated their time and effort.

For a summary report, see: Indiana University Plagiarism Tutorial and Tests: 14 Years of Worldwide Learning Online (2017, PDF)

Historical Timeline of Major Changes

Based on feedback from college and high school instructors whose students use our online resources, we made the following revisions: