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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Native American and Indigenous Studies

Native American and Indigenous Studies at Indiana University is not really a new thing. For a long time, the Bloomington campus has featured faculty and students with an abundant interest in this field. Over this longer view, prominent institutions have emerged here - for instance, the American Indian Studies Research Institute - to serve as foundations for scholarship and community. They were built slowly, painstakingly, and lovingly, and they serve as a foundation for the present.

IU's commitment to Native American Studies

Still there is something decidedly different about the state of things today. There is now a doctoral minor offered in Native American and Indigenous Studies. There is a committed faculty group, known as the Committee on Native American & Indigenous Studies. And there is a strong and meaningful partnership with American Studies. As a result of these things, which sit on top of that long history, there is, perhaps, great hope for the future of this field here at IU.