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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

About Us

AMST faculty and studentsIn American Studies, we consider the history, politics, and cultures of the Americas from an interdisciplinary perspective. Historically grounded in English and History, the field now incorporates people, ideas, and methods from across the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our practice is a form of critical citizenship.

AMST scholars place the United States in a hemispheric context, exploring its links to Central and South America, Canada, and the Caribbean, and weighing the significance of empire in “our” history. We ponder how diaspora, migration, and globalization affect conceptualizations of national cultures and articulations of nationalism.

And as we trace and analyze cross-border flows of people, information, and commodities, we develop interdisciplinary methodologies that encourage careful, critical reflection on the meaning of the terms “America” and “American.”

In short, an American Studies degree is excellent preparation for the challenges of national citizenship in an interconnected, internationalist world.