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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

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Judith Allen, History
E-mail: juallen at

Christopher Anderson, The Media School
E-mail: anderso at


Anke Birkenmaier, Spanish and Portuguese
E-mail: abirkenm at

John Bodnar, History
E-mail: bodnar at

Purnima Bose, English, International Studies
E-mail: pbose at

Candy Gunther Brown, Religious Studies
E-mail: browncg at


Cara Caddoo, History
E-mail: ccaddoo at

James H. Capshew, History and Philosophy of Science
E-mail: jcapshew at

Judah Cohen, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
E-mail: cohenjm at

Deborah Cohn, Spanish & Portuguese
E-mail: dncohn at

Stephen Conrad, School of Law
E-mail: conrads at

Serafín Coronel-Molina, School of Education
E-mail: scoronel at

Aurelian Craiutu, Political Science
E-mail: acraiutu at

Nick Cullather, History, International Studies
E-mail: ncullath at


Stephanie DeBoer, International Studies, The Media School
E-mail: sdeboer at

Konstantin Dierks, History
E-mail: kdierks at


Jonathan Elmer, English
E-mail: elmerj


Judith Failer, Political Science
E-mail: jfailer

Terri Francis, The Media School
E-mail: francist


Wendy Gamber, History
E-mail: wgamber

Ilana M. Gershon, Anthropology
E-mail: igershon

Jeffrey L. Gould, History
E-mail: gouldj

Mary L. Gray, The Media School
E-mail: mLg

Valerie Grim, African American and African Diaspora Studies
E-mail: vgrim

Michael Grossberg, History
E-mail: grossber

Paul Gutjahr, English
E-mail: pgutjahr


Russell Hanson, Political Science
E-mail: hansonr

Joan Hawkins, The Media School
E-mail: jchawkin

Raymond Hedin, English
E-mail: hedin

Scott Herring, English
E-mail: tsherrin

David Hertz, Comparative Literature
E-mail: hertzd

Frank Hess, Institute for European Studies
E-mail: flhess


Christoph Irmscher, English
E-mail: cirmsche

Jeffrey Isaac, Political Science
E-mail: isaac


Jason Baird Jackson, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
E-mail: jbj

Colin Johnson, Gender Studies
E-mail: crj2


Stephanie Kane, International Studies
E-mail: stkane

Stephen Katz, Jewish Studies Program
E-mail: katzs

De Witt Kilgore, English
E-mail: dkilgore

Sarah Knott, History
E-mail: saknott


Javier F. León, Jacobs School of Music
E-mail: jfleon

Susan Lepselter, Anthropology
E-mail: slepselt

Stephanie Li, English
E-mail: stephli

Alex Lichtenstein, History
E-mail: lichtens

Edward T. Linenthal, History
E-mail: etl

John Lucaites, English
E-mail: lucaites


Michael Martin, The Media School
E-mail: martinmt

Fred McElroy, African American & African Diaspora Studies
E-mail: mcelroy

Michael McGerr, History
E-mail: mmcgerr

Rasul A. Mowatt, School of Public Health
E-mail: ramowatt

Walton Muyumba, English
E-mail: wmuyumba

Amrita C. Myers, History
E-mail: apmyers


John Nieto-Phillips, History
E-mail: jnietoph


Radhika Parameswaran, The Media School
E-mail: rparames

Ryan Powell, The Media School
E-mail: rppowell


Eric Sandweiss, History
E-mail: sesandw

Laura L. Scheiber, Anthropology
E-mail: scheiber

Susan Seizer, Anthropology
E-mail: sseizer

Stephen Selka, Religious Studies
E-mail: sselka

Pravina Shukla, Folklore and Ethnomusicology
E-mail: pravina

April K. Sievert, Anthropology
E-mail: asievert

Marvin D. Sterling, Anthropology
E-mail: mdsterli


Robert Terrill, English
E-mail: rterrill


Alberto Varon, English
E-mail: avaron

Shane Vogel, English
E-mail: shvogel


Gregory Waller, The Media School
E-mail: gwaller

Brenda R. Weber, Gender Studies
E-mail: breweber

Jakobi Williams, African American & African Diaspora Studies
E-mail: jakowill

Ellen Wu, History
E-mail: wue