Alumni Pep Band Accompanies Hoosier Defeat Over Youngstown State

Alumni Pep Band at December 29 game against Youngstown State.

The Marching Hundred Alumni Pep Band, at the IU-Youngstown State game on December 29. (Photo courtesy of Les Miller)

The Marching Hundred Alumni Pep Band played for the IU-Youngstown State basketball game on Friday evening, December 29 at Assembly Hall. The Hoosiers (now 8-6), after an uninspired first half, pulled out in the second half to defeat Youngstown State (now 2-11) 79-51.

The new Ray E. Cramer Marching Hundred Hall wasn’t quite ready for the pep band to practice in, so all Marching Hundred alumni will be able to participate in the dedication the weekend of October 13, 2018. IU plays Iowa for Homecoming this year.