Homecoming Weekend Celebrates Ray Cramer and the Marching Hundred Hall

Building Sign Hundred Hall
Nearly 200 Alumni Band members participated in a very special Homecoming weekend on October 14-15, as the new Marching Hundred practice facility was named for and dedicated to Ray E. Cramer, who was with the IU Department of Bands from 1969 to 2005, including being Director of the Marching Hundred and Director of Bands. On Friday afternoon, the Alumni Band, led by Rose Bowl Drum Major Larry Lafferty, joined the Homecoming Parade, marching up the newly-improved Woodlawn Avenue to the VIP stands just short of 17th Street, for the Marching Hundred Hall naming ceremony.

On Saturday morning, School of Music Dean Gwyn Richards and IU Alumni Association President J.T. Forbes thanked the many donors who made the new facility possible, and Ray Cramer spoke to the group about his time here, recalling the many places the Marching Hundred used for practice after the 10th Street Stadium was torn down, including the “Bat Cave”. The Ray E. Cramer Marching Hundred Hall should be open in time for the start of the 2018 season.

Next fall, Homecoming Weekend will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rose Bowl season. The Homecoming game will be on October 14.

The Indiana Hoosiers lost the football game to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 27-22, after coming within 2 points in the fourth quarter. At least our football coach did not get fired after the game (which happened after another Big Ten team’s Homecoming game). Besides, for the Alumni Band, it was never about the game anyway. Congratulations, Ray Cramer, the Marching Hundred, and the Alumni Band!

Ray Cramer

Ray Cramer was honored on Homecoming Weekend with the Marching Hundred Hall named after him.

Ray Cramer Marching Hundred Hall Sign


Gwyn Richards

Jacobs School of Music Gwyn Richards speaking to the Alumni Band on Homecoming morning.

East side stands


West side stands

One of the largest Homecoming crowds in recent memory, many of them Nebraska fans.



J.T. Forbes

IU Alumni Association President J.T. Forbes congratulating Ray Cramer and the Marching Hundred Alumni on the new practice facility.


Tony Wiederhold and Michele Calderon Johns

Alumni Band Council President Tony Wiederhold with Michele Calderon Johns and Jann Fujimoto, winner of the Newell Long Award.

Tony Wiederhold and Jann Fujimoto