Bob Schlatter


by Paul Addison

Shown in the center of this picture is Marching Hundred alumnus Robert Schlatter at the IU-Purdue football game in November 1964. Bob was the band director at North Central High School in Indianapolis at the time, and the Purdue and IU drum majors shown here, Mike Allen and Larry Nicholson, were both drum majors at North Central under Bob Schlatter. At left is Purdue Band director Al G. Wright, and at the right is IU Band director Ron Gregory.

Bob Schlatter was in the Marching Hundred during the 1940 and 1941 seasons, then served in the armed forces in World War II, and then returned to IU and was in the Hundred again during the 1945 and 1946 seasons. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music education at the IU, during the time that Robert Sanders was Dean of the School of Music. Dean Sanders was a pianist and a composer, and wrote a sonata for trombone and piano that Bob Schlatter played at his Senior Recital.

Bob had attended high school at George Rogers Clark High School in Hammond, and was the drum major there. He says that instead of a whistle, the drum major carried two .38 caliber pistols, which he fired into the air (blanks, of course), which would start the band marchers counting “2-3-turn”.

Bob was also band director in Fairmount, Indiana, and at the West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School from 1967 to 1978, where he became Assistant Principal. He currently plays trombone in the Lafayette Citizens Band, and has a number of bands of his own, including a swing band called The Gentlemen of Note.