My Most Embarrassing Moment by Debbie (Cardwell) Peterson

I will always remember my freshman year in The Hundred. The entire band was “Hunkered Down on the far sideline waiting to run through the halftime show. The mello’s were a bit confused, about what, I can’t remember. All I remember was running to the tower and asking Mr. England a question,getting my answer and turning around to run back in line.

I didn’t realize my flip folio wasn’t fastened down very well, and did you know that at a full run stepping on one is like Bambi on ice? I found out the hard way. I heard a collective gasp as I went in the air and luckily landed on my rear. The entire time I held my mello proudly in the air. Wilbur’s only question to me wasn’t “are you okay”, it was “you didn’t hurt that horn did you?” It seemed like I was in the air forever, but I bounced right back up, this is like the nightmare where you have slept your chemistry final or came to school naked!

To this day, that is my most embarrassing moment. I hope it made you all laugh!

Debbie (Cardwell) Peterson