Remembering Herman B Wells by Paul Addison

1922 Hundred Herman Wells Center

by Paul Addison

I was asked in early 2000 to take over the position of Webmaster for the Marching Hundred Alumni Band, and began organizing the many pages on band alumni, as well as trying to create a main page that would be interesting and newsworthy. I decided to launch the newly-revised site on Wednesday, March 15, partly because the date was easy to remember as the Ides of March. Little did I know that the first weekend of the new website’s existence would provide one of the biggest stories in IU’s history: Chancellor Herman B Wells died on March 18 at the age of 97. The flood of news reports, stories, pictures and tributes provided me with a wealth of newsworthy information for the site, including live and replayable broadcasts of the funeral service. I have provided many of the still-existing links on this page.

Herman B Wells was a familiar figure to most everyone who attended IU in the 20th century. My father, Robert Addison, graduated in 1942, and remembers seeing him on campus often. I was fortunate enough to meet him at the Marching Hundred Banquet in 1996, the year I became president of the Alumni Band council, and the year of the Marching Hundred’s 100th anniversary celebration. He and Dr. Newell Long both attended that banquet. Both had been in the Hundred during the 1920s. Both were in wheelchairs, but as was typical of their drive and commitment, they both made sure they were there.

Indiana University has put together a wonderful website honoring Chancellor Wells, titled Digital Wells. Please take the time to visit it.