Tribute to Jessica Ruiz

Jessica Ruiz

We remember Jessica Ruiz, Marching Hundred Piccolo (1989-2008)

Jessica Lauren Ruiz, 19, passed away on July 4, 2008, from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.

Jessica was a pre-med student at Indiana University, studying to become a pediatrician. She was a 2007 honors graduate of Wawasee High School and a Hudson and Holland Merit Scholar. She was a recent inductee of the Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Jessica spent one year in the Marching Hundred, but quickly became one of the most popular and dedicated members of the piccolo section. Here are some comments from her band mates at IU:

I march next to her and we have fun adding jazz to the end of Emblem!
You’re such a sweetheart
The marching band wiz-kid
She is very polite
Run on buddy
She’s super smart with a good work ethic, one of those people that you look at when you need inspiration
Always upbeat and positive
Very sweet.
She’s so bubbly! Like that song …
You ask such great questions about the drill and it helps everyone around you too
You got candy because you are a lifesaver!
She’s quiet, fun, and polite
You are so fun to be around
You are the kindest person on the line. No question.
You’re my favorite person in the section to complain with 🙂
Your sarcasm is hilarious
We live in the central neighborhood
You are always fun to talk to during band practice 

Here are some quotes from Jessica, taken from the 2007 Offbeat magazine (the road trip magazine of the Hundred): Nickname/petnames: Jessa, Jessarae, MessieJessie
Major: Right now Biology, but might switch to Human Biology
Describe myself in one word: polite
Favorite Movie: The Nightmare before Christmas
Favorite Restaurant: China Star, this little Chinese place in my hometown
Biggest Fear: Being alone
Favorite Color: most shades of pink
Most attractive feature: my lips
Who is your hero: My mom (super hero thought would have to be the Flash)
Favorite Class ever: Marching Hundred DUH!
Most memorable Marching Hundred moment: when we did high school musical 3, I don’t think I will ever forget that
Most embarrassing moment in Hundred: when I screwed up pre-game this weekend!
Why do you love being in the piccolo section: three reasons: 1) we have a lot of fun 2) we actually know how to march 3) piccolos are perfect of course!
Future Advice you would give to the rookies: It may seem really hard at first, but stick with it. There are plenty of fun times to off set the bad days. Yeah, you have to get up early, but it is totally worth it in the long run. 

We know Jessica loved the Hundred, and we all benefitted from her membership. She will be missed a great deal, but her memory will live on forever.