Over $25,000 Raised for the Marching Hundred on IU Day!

IU Day Video

Thanks to all of you who supported the Marching Hundred by making a donation on IU Day, April 19. We wanted to raise money for new instruments for the Hundred. Our original goal was $1500 and 100 donors, which would get us an additional $2000 from IU.

We ended up with over 300 donors and over $18,000 in donations! In addition to the $18,000 plus, and the $2000 bonus for the first 100 donors, we also received $500 for reaching 200, and another $500 for reaching 300. In addition, the Marching Hundred also on two more contests. The first was the IU Crowdfunding Crowd-Pleaser Challenge, which earned the Hundred an extra $2,000. Finally, alumna Michele Calderon Johns won the Social Media Photo Contest which gave the winner $2,000 to give to the fund of her choice. She chose the Marching Hundred Fund! A total of over $25,000 for the Marching Hundred.

Marching Hundred Alumni: We get the job done!

Here is a video that was used to raise awareness of IU Day 2017:

Watch this video to see our future alumni of the IU Marching Hundred and to learn more about #IUDay 2017.