Registration Information

PRINT THIS PAGE OUT and bring with you to your Summer Orientation advisor meeting!

If your academic major is in an area other than Music, we ask you to register for X50 – “Marching Hundred for Non-music majors”. If you have auditioned and have been accepted in the School of Music, you will register for X40 – “Univ. Instrumental Ensembles.”

You must register for the lecture section AS WELL AS the individual drill section that corresponds with what you plan to play/do in the Hundred. This should be done during your Summer Orientation Registration period OR during the first week of classes in the fall. Even if you have not auditioned for the Marching Hundred by the time you register for classes, you SHOULD go ahead and register for the class.

X50 Registration Information (At registration, sign up for the “drill” section first, then the “lecture” section):

**For the fall of 2017, the “drill” section numbers are:

Piccolo 3681

Clarinet 3682

Saxophone (both alto and tenor) 3683

Horn 3684

Trumpet 3685

Trombone 3686

Euphonium 3687

Tuba (Sousaphone) 3688

Percussion 3689

RedSteppers 3690

**For the fall of 2017, the “lecture” section number is: 3680

As we have mentioned in previous notes, we hope you will register for Hundred during your Summer Orientation sessions.
It is MUCH easier to register for Marching Hundred during your advising period, rather than wait for the first week of classes in the fall.

Some advisors may state you will not have time in your schedule for Marching Hundred – this is normally NOT true.
We rehearse each day of the week from 4:10 – 5:45 – a time when most classes have finished for the day.
In addition, we do allow some class conflicts (up to 1/2 hour per week for 1st year members) in Marching Hundred, based on your years of service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Indiana University Marching Hundred!